General LCD Display (GLD)

General LCD Display
Remote visibility: The GLD provides
remote visibility of a system status
through detailed alarm messages.

The General LCD Display (GLD) allows the user to monitor an existing network from different locations by providing remote visibility of the system's status. This convenient method of monitoring gives the user the ability to monitor the network without being physically present at the system site. With detailed alarm indication messages, the GLD gives peace of mind to network managers who aren't able to constantly observe the system's status from the network's location.

The GLD can easily "daisy-chain" from unit to unit. This means that up to 3 GLDs can be connected to a single host, with a maximum range of 1,500 feet between the host and the last GLD unit (the 1,500 foot maximum applies to a single GLD as well). Figure 3 shows how the GLD fits into a typical network system. The GLD is also easy to install, with connectors for all ports and mounting screws for easy attachment to any flat vertical surface.

Along with the convenience of remote visual monitoring, the unit is equipped with a speaker for audible notification. The unit will sound when certain conditions occur, keeping the network manager informed of the system's status even when the unit is not being watched. Additionally, the Link LED on the face of the GLD indicates communication with the host. A red flash indicates receive activity while a green flash shows transmit activity.

  • Remotely display KDA and NOC alarms
  • Use up to 3 GLD's to send alarms to multiple locations
  • Great for Guard Stations, Equipment Rooms, and Office areas
  • Speaker for audible notification
  • Link LED indications
  • Shows alarms in easily understood English text
  • Easy installation and connection to existing networks

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