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DPS Telecom Remote Site Survey

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RTU Capacity and Function
1. How many remote sites do you need to monitor?
2. Do you want video surveillance at those sites?
3. Do you want a building access control system to manage entry to those sites?
4. How many alarm points do you need to monitor at each site?
5. How much growth, in sites and alarms at each site, do you anticipate over the next 5 years?
6. Do you need any analog inputs (e.g., voltage, temperature, humidity, signal strength)?
7. How many ASCII device (e.g., switches, routers, etc.) will you monitor at your remote sites?

1. How do you currently connect to your remote sites? (LAN, overhead, digital or analog circuit, terminal server, microwave?)
2. Do any of your sites support an alternate path communications link?
3. What type of power do you have at the master and remote sites? (-48 VDC, 110 VAC, other?)
4. How do you want to mount your RTUs? (23" rack, 19" rack, wall, tabletop?)
5. Who will install your RTUs?
This is just a small sample of the DPS Telecom Remote Site Survey. The full Remote Site Survey is a complete 5-page guide to evaluating your network alarm monitoring needs. For your copy of the Remote Site Survey, call DPS Telecom at 1800-693-0351.

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