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The Flexible RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) that Handles all your Transports

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With the NetGuardian 832A, multiple transports are no problem. This flexible RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) supports three kinds of transport: LAN, dial-up and optional serial connection for 202 modem, FSK modem, or RS-232. The NetGuardian can work with whatever transport is available at your remote sites.

Networks that are in transition aren't a problem for the NetGuardian either. The NetGuardian supports LAN, dial-up and serial connections simultaneously. So as your network upgrades from legacy transports to LAN, you can use the same NetGuardian units at all your sites.

What can the NetGuardian do for you?

• You can use one RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) at all your remote sites, no matter what transport is available.

• You don't have to install new transport to collect alarms.

• As your network changes, you don't have to buy new remotes for new transports.

• You only have to maintain one set of spare units and spare parts for your entire network, for great cost savings and convenience.

• All your alarms are in one common format. You don't have to use a confusion of multiple consoles and multiple screens to monitor all your remote sites.

Because of its multiple transport capability, the NetGuardian also supports applications for bridging across multiple transports, and even strategies for protocol mediation and replacing legacy monitoring equipment.

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