The Protocol - Nov/Dec 1998

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DVF-64 Card Opens Door to Digital Supervisory Applications

DPS Telecom's new DVF-64 card is the natural companion to the ADPCM and FDO 3000 Order-Wire for digital applications.

The FDO 3000 Off-Net interfaces DPS' FDO 1000-series Order-Wires to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via 2-wire or 4-wire line. Microprocessor control of the FDO 3000 brings maintenance communications into the 21st century.

The DVF-64 can be used with a KDA alarm network element or with the new FDO 3000 Off-Net card. It ports three digital channels to the 64-Kbit overhead on a SONET ring or other optical network.

DVF-64 Card
DVF-64 Card fits in expansion card slot of KDA or off-net units.

The DVF-64 has a unique three-port interface for digital sources: a 24-Kbit port for order-wire, an 8-Kbit port for alarm system and a 32-Kbit auxiliary port for other data. The alarm system port can be either R5422 for digital network elements or dual VF for network elements that use a 202 modem.

The DVF-64 fits in the expansion card slot of a DPS KDA type housing, making it suitable to join with a KDA 864-TABS (RS422) or KDA 864-E2A (202 modem) network element.

SONET Network applications benefit from the DVF-64 because older VF legs can be quickly integrated without changing the communications medium at every element.

To find out more about the DVF-64 and the unique applications this device can fulfill, contact DPS Sales at 1-800-622-3314.

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