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OEM Solutions
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As an OEM, you know what it's like to be out of time on your product rollout. It's a huge project, and alarm monitoring isn't your area of expertise. You've got to find a dependable engineering and production house that can give you the perfect-fit monitoring solution you need.

Another vendor might have left you with an unfinished or defective product. Now you're left to pick up the pieces, but without the right tools and a lack of time, you won't meet your deadline. This can be especially problematic if alarm monitoring isn't your specialty. And what do you do when your client adds a new monitoring requirement at the very last minute?

This time, not just any vendor will do. You can't afford to buy 1000 units at a time. And there's also no room in your budget for features you just don't need. Your vendor had better have top-quality engineers that can handle your tight deadlines and meet every spec, right down to the last detail.

Finding the perfect manufacturer is no easy task. custom engineering at some companies isn't pretty. Other manufacturers will only invest the time and effort it takes to build a custom product for the largest OEMs. And even if you find a top-quality manufacturer that can handle your project, they might take a look at your specs and quote you a huge turnaround time and require huge NRE fees.

Imagine a Fast-Paced Engineering Team at Your Fingertips...
What if you found an experienced team of engineers that worked to beat your tight deadlines? Imagine a direct relationship with the Director of Engineering, who will turn your fuzzy ideas and specs into a real product in a matter of weeks or even days.

DPS Engineers are OEM Project Specialists...
DPS Telecom has over 20 years of experience with OEM projects. "OEM work, including custom engineering, is something that we specialize in, and we've gotten really good at it" said Mark Carberry, Engineering Director at DPS Telecom. "The only thing that's important to our OEM clients is that our product will work well in their environment - the way we promised it would."

Accelerate Your Time-to-Market, Boost Your Sales...
With the advantage of vertical integration, DPS is able to drastically slash your time-to-market with an in-house engineering office, production facility, metal shop, and testing lab. "Vertical integration makes DPS custom design services possible," said Production Manager Annette Rinehart. "Some of our OEM clients require special design modifications, and you can only do that if you do the manufacturing yourself." With the ability to completely design, manufacture, and ship new products on-site, DPS can go from conception to delivery in a matter of weeks.

Key Advantages Of A DPS Solution For OEM Clients:

  • Accessibility of Engineering Staff - Weekly conferences calls and frequent emails are just some ways the DPS Engineering staff keeps in touch with you from beginning to end of your most important projects. We speak your "language" and keep you up-to-date.
  • Time-to-Market - With your tight schedule in mind, DPS can get your solution to you faster, helping you to drive your repeat sales.
  • Private Labeling - Equipment you order from DPS can carry your company logo. DPS will also meet your standards for boxing and labeling - just like it came from your shipping dock.
  • Product Certification Expertise - DPS strives to meet the highest standards of product testing and official certification. We have experience with RoHS, NEBS, and are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  • Cost Savings - By letting us put our expertise to work for you, there's no need to buy additional manufacturing equipment, parts, or hire a specialty engineer for your new product.
  • Alarm Monitoring Expertise - With decades of providing alarm monitoring solutions for OEMs and end users alike, DPS has the experience and engineering capabilities needed to tackle your most complex projects.
  • Vertical Integration - DPS has the ability to take your design from conception to delivery all on-site, slashing the time it takes to produce a working prototype.
  • Array of Existing Hardware and Software Tools - There's no starting from scratch at DPS. With decades of experience in the telecom business, DPS engineers have accumulated an impressive hardware/software toolkit to draw from.

Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 to speak with a DPS Engineer today. Let us fast-track your next project by building a custom-fit solution.