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Building Status Unit III: Local Alarm Notification Device

Building Status Unit III
The BSU III provides local alarm
notifications with visual and
audible alerts

The Building Status Unit III (BSU III) is a local alarm notification device. This an excellent device to use when personnel at the site must be made aware of critical, major, and/or minor alarms.

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The BSU III monitors three discrete alarms. For both local and remote alarm monitoring, the BSU III is connected to the control outputs of a NetGuardian alarm remote or the AV relays of a T/Mon master station. The NetGuardian (or T/Mon) intelligently latches its contact relays whenever critical, major, and/or minor alarms are standing, and the BSU III reacts by providing audible and visual notification of alarms through its integrated 3 alarm notification LEDs and an audible speaker signal.

The BSU III is typically placed near the exit door of unmanned sites, so visiting technicians are alerted of standing alarms before they leave the site. At manned sites, the BSU III should simply be placed where it can be heard or seen by technical personnel.

The BSU III can be used with many DPS Telecom masters and alarm remotes, including:

  • T/Mon LNX
  • NetGuardian 832A
  • NetGuardian 864A
  • NetGuardian 216 (build options that have at least 3 control relay outputs)
  • NetGuardian 420
  • NetGuardian 480
  • NetGuardian 16A

Audio/visual notifications are acknowledged by pressing the Local ACK button on the bottom of the unit. The speaker can be silenced using the volume control. You can also reverse the input polarity of the alarms.

Full Specifications

Local alert box: BSU III
The BSU receives alarm input fromanother device and provides audio/visual notification for local personnel. Alarms are displayed as either critical, major, or minor severity levels. The BSU provides local notification of alarms through its integrated 3 alarm notification LEDs and an audible speaker signal.

Full Specifications
Dimensions: 5"H x 4"W x 2"D
(12.7 cm x 10.2 cm x 5.1 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
Mounting: Wall mount
Power Input: -48VDC
Current Draw: 250mA (-48 VDC unit)
Fuse: 3/4 Amp GMT
Alarm Detection Speed: 100 msec
Visual Alarm Display: 4 unicolor LEDs
Speaker output volume: 0 - 85 dB @ 1 meter
Operating Temperature: 32 to 140 F (0 to 60 C)
Operating Humidity: 0%-95% noncondensing

To see how the BSU III with work in your network environment, send email to sales@dpstele.com or call 1-800-622-3314.