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Monitor up to 24 Battery Cells with this new dedicated platform...

BVM Monitors up to 24 Battery Cells
Mark Carberry
Engineering Director

Here in the DPS Engineering Department, we introduced many different product technologies during 2009. Today, I'd like you to look at this 24-Cell Battery Monitor and give me your feedback using the form below.

We designed this small RTU to do one thing: Monitor your battery cell voltages for the best possible visibility over your power supplies. It monitors up to 24 of your battery cells and reports threshold alarms via SNMP to you SNMP manager - so you can correct battery problems before your sites go dark.

In addition to these threshold alarms, the BVM will also send notifications should a battery cell fall out of its normal (average) range by more than a desired percentage. Your SNMP manager can issue periodic GET requests against specific cells, and the BVM 48 offers both instant readings and trending to track battery voltages over time.

BVM 48
The front panel of the BVM 48 has LED warning lights to indicate when one, two, or three-or-more battery cells are outside of their ideal voltage thresholds.

In an alternate configuration with a NetGuardian 832A or 864A, the BVM's threshold alarms are passed through as local NetGuardian analogs. This configuration gives you the advantage of reporting alarms from the same IP address as the NetGuardian. Of course, the BVM 48 also makes a great standalone battery-monitoring solution.

So what do you think? Give me your feedback (or request pricing information) using the form below:

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