Triple Play

Case Study: Triple Play Provider EastLink Manages Rapid Network Growth with T/Mon NOC Network Alarm Management

A rapidly growing, technologically advanced network. A mix of diverse equipment. Remote sites spread across three provinces.

EastLink's Derrick Stennett(left) and Jim Bower with their T/Mon NOC.
EastLink's Derrick Stennett(left)
and Jim Bower with their T/Mon NOC.

Canadian triple-play provider EastLink is successfully managing the network of the future with help of T/Mon NOC and the NetGuardian 832A.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, EastLink is considered a market leader and innovator for its successful launch of telephone service over a cable network in the late 1990s. The company saw an opportunity to expand and enter a new market when the Canadian government deregulated telecom, allowing local competition.

In 1999, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit at its back, EastLink became the first Canadian cable company to successfully expand into the local residential telephone service. Service was later launched to business customers in 2001.

Since then, EastLink has been growing offering bundled telephone service, high-speed Internet access, and digital cable at competitive prices in a rapidly expanding service area.

"We were the first cable company in Canada to launch residential telephone service and bring competition to the local market. That's an achievement for a company that at the time employed just over 200 employees," said Jim Bower, EastLink's telecom operations manager. "Then we were the first to introduce communications and entertainment bundles. Six years have passed and cable and telephone companies continue to follow our lead."

Leveraging the existing network

EastLink has a terrific advantage in delivering triple-play - the company leverages its existing cable TV infrastructure to deliver all three services. It provides voice telephony over a hybrid fiber-coaxial network using an Arris Cornerstone cable telephony system.

From the customers' point of view, phone service over EastLink's coax looks and feels no different than service from a traditional provider - even the standard phone jack looks the same. "The secret to our success is that we've been able to deliver a phone service that meets our customers' needs, while at the same time providing them with great value and choice. " said Bower.

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