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T/Mon presentation provides exact information about alarms

According to EastLink NOC supervisor Derrick Stennett, T/Mon NOC's specific and detailed alarm information is helping the company manage problems better and faster.

"The most important way we've been able to use T/Mon is to list specific information in the text messages for each alarm. For example, in the event of a smoke alarm, I can see a specific number to call to escalate the alarm, a contact for security company to follow up on the site and the specific location of the site in case 911 needs to be called. The information's right in front of me, resulting on overall increased efficiency and a significantly shorter repair time," Stennett said.

By consolidating alarm information in one place, T/Mon also lowers staffing costs, according to Bower. "We have a 24-hour staffed Network Operating Centre and with all we have to manage, we had to evaluate whether we add more resources or find a technology that can help us manage the network. With T/Mon, we hope to move towards a time when one employee can monitor the network and use just one screen as their first alert," Bower said.

T/Mon consolidates multiple alarm systems onto one screen

T/Mon NOC's unified presentation - displaying all alarms from the entire network on one screen - is helping EastLink manage its diverse mix of equipment. EastLink's Cornerstone equipment reports to T/Mon NOC over TL1 protocol using T/Mon's ASCII Alarm Processor Software Module. Their DMS switch reports via ASCII messages, which are also parsed by T/Mon's ASCII Processor. NetGuardian 832A remote telemetry units collect environmental alarms at remote sites and report them to T/Mon NOC.

In the future, Bower and Stennett hope to use SNMP alarm reporting to tie even more equipment to T/Mon NOC's integrated alarm presentation.

"We're trying to consolidate all alarms into T/Mon so, if I want to know what's happening on the network, I can look at one screen and, with a high degree of accuracy, know it's been a quiet day with no alarms," said Stennett.

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