Shared Benefits Of SNMP and TL1

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High-Capacity Discrete Alarm Collection Reported to Your TL1 or SNMP Master


The NetGuardian 480 provides 80 discrete alarm inputs and reports to your TL1 or SNMP master. This dense alarm coverage gives you the convenience of a single-box solution, saves you the cost of buying multiple low-capacity remotes, and offers you the lowest possible cost per point

With sophisticated TL1 and SNMP implementations, the NetGuardian 480 is the right combination of power, visibility, and simplicity - all in one box.

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3 Benefits Shared by TL1 and SNMP

TL1 is a spiritual precursor to SNMP. Both were intended to be open standards and comprehensive languages. TL1 and SNMP protocols share the following three benefits:

1) Widespread implementation

2) Open standard makes it easier to connect networked devices with monitoring software

3) Verbose command responses

The Most Common TL1 Message Types

Although there is a wide range of standard TL1 messages, four types comprise the majority of TL1 communication:

1) Autonomous messages
Asynchronous messages (usually events or alarms) that are typically sent by network elements.

2) Input/Command messages
Commands sent by the user or OSS to a network element.

3) Output/Response messages
Replies sent by the network element in response to an input/command message.

4) Acknowledgment messages
Acknowledgments of the receipt of a TL1 input message, usually associated with a delayed report or action.

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