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Does Your Alarm Control Panel Provide Detailed Alarm Visibility?

Without a detailed alarm control panel, you're just guessing

If you only have major and minor contact closure alarms - that just doesn't tell you anything. If you get a minor alarm, well great ... what is it? It could be any one of a hundred events. Who knows? If it was a major or critical,well, how important is it? Is it traffic-affecting, or is it something you can live with until the next business day?

Alarm control panel detail dictates whether you send a guy out at two o'clock in the morning on a Saturday or whether you can wait until Monday morning. Without that kind of information you just don't know. You've got to figure out what sites are affected - is it going to drop traffic? Ultimately, what you want to know is, "Do I call somebody now, tomorrow morning, or next week?"

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TMon / IAM alarm control panel product details
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Ensure accurate and rapid response to network faults ...

Your primary monitoring staff needs complete information on every aspect of your network, and they need to be able to quickly locate problems. TMon alarm control panel presents network alarm events in plain English, so that your staff will immediately understand the problem and be able to take action. This ensures that system operators will always have the right information to take corrective action in an emergency.

Reducing windshield time is all about knowing what the issue is before you actually dispatch ...

Repairs are a big challenge when you have a small staff, and it's even more complicated if you have to send a technician to the remote site only to find out the problem is something you could have fixed remotely. Or you could find that you don't have the right equipment and have to go back and get it-that hurts your service restoration time.

So it's really ideal if you can get remote connectivity, analyze what's wrong, and then dispatch. You'll have already diagnosed the problem, and when you send the technician out there you know that he has the resources to fix it. Plus, with union contracts it doesn't matter if the technician takes five minutes or one hour to handle the problem-he gets paid at least four hours' overtime for that call, so it's critical to keep a handle on your call outs.

Display detailed, specific instructions in every alarm notification

If there's a problem in your network, everyone on your monitoring staff needs to know exactly what to do to correct it fast. You want to ensure that your monitoring staff follows correct procedure for each network alarm so they don't cause any further damage and make the outage worse. With TMon, even system operators without specialized training will know exactly what to do and who to call in case an alarm happens.

A trouble log also allows system operators to record what corrective action was taken for each alarm. This keeps a clear historical documentation of what has been done and eliminates guesswork between shift changes.

Learn more about detailed alarm visibility:

TMon / IAM alarm control panel product details
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Risk-free network alarm monitoring integration

Bob Berry - President and CEO of DPS Telecom, Alarm Control Panel Specialist
Bob Berry,
President and CEO

"Every network alarm monitoring system I make is backed by my no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you buy my equipment and you're not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund. If my product doesn't solve your problem, I don't want you to have it."

You might be hesitant about upgrading your network alarm monitoring. Changing complex systems is hard and there's always last-minute complications like how to get the budget for secondary equipment.

Secure a long-term solution for your network alarm monitoring problems, a solution that is:

  • Designed and built by network alarm monitoring experts
  • Engineered to work for you
  • Backed by a no-risk, money-back guarantee

Learn more about network alarm monitoring notification methods and detailed visibility, select an option below ...

TMon / IAM alarm control panel product details
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