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Monitor DMS 10, Nortel, CAC Access Bank, CAC Wide Bank, and UMC 1000 ASCII Gear

Monitor DMS 10, Nortel, CAC Access Bank, CAC Wide Bank, and UMC 1000 ASCII Gear
Monitor DMS 10, Nortel, CAC Access Bank, CAC Wide Bank, and UMC 1000 ASCII Gear

Equipment Used:

  • T/Mon SLIM
  • DMS 10.
  • Nortel Equipment.
  • CAC Access Bank.
  • CAC Wide Bank.
  • UMC 1000.
  • Other ASCII Equipment.
  • Cisco Equipmen.t
  • Fujitsu Equipment.
  • Other SNMP Equipment.

How This Application Works:

We have prepared this solution for you consisting of a single T/Mon SLIM as your centralized network monitoring system. With the T/Mon SLIM, you will be able to collect, filter, categorize alarms, maintain history of alarms, and notify your technicians of alarms via pager or e-mail notification. The T/MON slim will also allow you to monitor other equipment, seamlessly integrating all of your monitoring efforts into one, easy to manage system. It also allows you to have migrate easily from legacy equipment. Want to upgrade from legacy devices without breaking your budget? With the T/Mon SLIM, you can gradually migrate your master and RTUs from legacy to modern over several budget cycles, with no forklift swap outs. The T/Mon SLIM's derived control formulas automatically issue control commands in response to alarm inputs, with no human intervention. The T/Mon SLIM fully supports control relays, including relays connected to legacy RTUs. The T/Mon SLIM records up to 999,999 system events, which can be viewed in a variety of report formats. Alarm information can also be exported as ASCII text, which can be sent to an after-hours recording device or imported into a database or spreadsheet program for graphing and analysis.

This solution provides the highest level of local alarm visibility. The T/Mon SLIM will come preloaded with SNMP and ASCII software modules, which will serve as a central aggregation point. Your SNMP based equipment, such as the Fujitsu, and your ASCII based equipment, such as the Nortel Switches, will both be able to report alarms to the SLIM.

As an option, we've included the SQL software modules. The SQL software module will allow you to save and export historical alarm data from the T/Mon NOC and stream that data in near real time to a windows based PC where you can prepare reports or visual charts from the data. Also you will find that we have incorporated the T/Mon GFX software. Two seats of software are available for use and are perfect for war rooms and VIP tours.

The T/Mon SLIM will keep your technicians apprised of any threats to the health of your network with automatic alarm notification to their pager, e-mail and SMS messaging device. Technicians from the field they can in turn remotely access and acknowledge alarms via Web browser or T/Windows remote access software. Local visibility of alarms can be also viewed from the front panel LCD and 8 bicolor LEDs. In addition, The SLIM allows users to maintain alarm history logs and analyze past alarms to identify network weak spots and anticipate future problems. Use Derived Alarms to track complex network problems by correlating different alarm events. You can also use derived controls to program flexible automatic corrections for network problems.

The T/Mon SLIM is 1 RU unit that fits into any 19" or 23" rack, in any telco environment. Dual -48 VDC power inputs allow T/Mon SLIM to be powered from the same battery power as the rest of your equipment - and give you a backup power supply in case of primary power failure.

To monitor your SNMP based equipment, such as your Fujitsu, Nortel and CAC equipment, we've included the SNMP Trap Processor Software Module. The SNMP Trap Processor Software Module will give your T/Mon SLIM the ability to receive SNMP traps from network elements and convert them to standardized T/Mon alarms so you will be able to view them. This will result in a very powerful SNMP manager because not only will your T/Mon be able to accept DCPx from DPS remotes, you will be able to monitor your other SNMP devices as well. This software module will support V1 as well as V2 devices and is very simple to use. Simply compile the MIB onto the T/Mon SLIM, select the rules for how you want to see those alarms and you've integrated those into the system.

In order to monitor your ASCII based equipment, such as the DMS 10, UMC 1000 and CAC equipment, we've included the ASCII Software Module. The T/Mon SLIM will be preloaded with the ASCII software module that will parse the ASCII incoming from those devices in your network. The Auto data basing ASCII software will allow you to create rules to parse the ASCII output and capture the key data, then present the alarm then perform paging and email notification. This software greatly enhances the overall functionality of the T/Mon SLIM system and provides you with single consolidated alarm management system.