TechBits: 10 Quick FAQ's to Optimize Your Monitoring

Quick Tech Support FAQ's

Q: What should I check if my T/Mon NOC does not start and displays only black squares on the front-panel LCD?
A: Power down your T/Mon NOC unit, open the exterior chassis, and verify that all cards and cables are firmly seated.
Q: Why can't I connect to my KDA from my Windows XP PC?
A: Older versions of Windows-provisioning software can sometimes have compatibility issues with Windows XP. To ensure the best possible compatibility, download the latest software versions from MyDPS.
Q: If I have decommisioned a switch, how can I prevent T/Mon from attempting to connect to it?
A: Halt the job/port in T/Mon and remove its data connection.
Q: How can I connect a GLD with an RS-485 connection the an RJ45 serial port of a NetGuardian?
A: Tie the (+) lines on the NetGuardian together and connect them to the (+) input on the GLD. Then, tie the (-) lines on the NetGuardian together and connect them to the (-) input on the GLD.
Q: How can I test the Ethernet link on a NetGuardian?
A: Connect your PC directly to the NetGuardian with a crossover cable. Change your PC's IP settings to the same subnet as the NetGuardian. Web browse, ping, or Telnet to the NetGuardian from your PC to confirm connectivity. Alternatively, connect your PC to the NetGuardian's craft port and attempt to ping another network device via the NetGuardian's TTY interface.
Q: How can I configure dual-redundant T/Mon's to synchronize alarm information?
A: COS event synchronization is handled by the T/Mon NRI software module.
Q: What baud rate do NetGuardian RTU's and DX expansion chassis use to communicate?
A: 2400 baud
Q: Why can't I connect to my serial device on port 8 of my NetGuardian's integrated terminal server?
A: You may have ordered a build option that features 7 RS-232 ports and 1 RS-485 port. Locate the part number on your NetGuardian and contact DPS Tech Support for confirmation.
Q: Where can I find the latest software version for my RTU's?
A: The latest Windows provisioning software for DPS RTU's is available in MyDPS
Q: Can I load NetGuardian 832A G4 firmware onto my NetGuardian 832A G2?
A: No. Attempting to load firmware for a different hardware model will result in an error.

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