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How to Send Modbus to Your SNMP Manager

If you have Modbus devices, how do you bring them into a complete monitoring system with other gear? You might also have gear that uses DNP3, Modbus, and proprietary protocols. How can you get those into a global master like an SNMP manager?

You need a way to convert between protocols and maintain a single, comprehensive monitoring system. Here's how:

Option A: Use conversion devices to support your SNMP manager

If you have an SNMP manager that you like, you can continue using it if you can help it work with all of your protocols. That involves converting anything it doesn't support into something it does support.

Monitor your generator with your SNMP manager by polling its Modbus registers
In this example, a Modbus-only generator is polled by a Modbus-SNMP mediatior (NetGuardian 480). The collected alarms are then report to your SNMP manager as SNMP traps.

As you can see in the example above, a generator that can only be accessed via Modbus has its registers polled by an intermediary NetGuardian 480 RTU. The RTU can also collect contact closures and analog voltages/currents. All of these collected alarms can them be sent to your SNMP manager as SNMP traps. Setting that up is quite simple, as you'll see in this video:

The NetGuardian DIN is another RTU capable of polling Modbus registers. It's a smaller RTU that can mount on a DIN rail (as the name implies).

Video: Simple Set Up Menus for Modbus-to-SNMP Mediation

Option B: Get a new master with SNMP & Modbus support

If you master station supported all of your required protocols, your problem would be solved...

Modbus from a generator is collected along with SNMP traps by a multi-protocol T/Mon master
Above, a T/Mon master station polls both Modbus registers from a controller and SNMP (either GETs or autonomous TRAP messages) from telecom devices.

With T/Mon, you can track important Modbus registers like:

  • Generator voltage AC.
  • Generator amps.
  • Fuel level LOW.
  • Battery voltage / alternator output.
  • Engine speed OVER.
  • Engine hours.
  • Overcrank error.
  • Oil pressure LOW.
  • Water temperature HIGH.

With T/Mon, you can also collect SNMP traps, DNP3 messages, and more. T/Mon supports over 30 open, proprietary, and legacy protocols. This gives you the power to build and maintain a single, cohesive monitoring system.

DPS can solve your trickiest Modbus problem

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