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"A Message From Our HR Manager..."

Rosa Maravilla, HR Manager at DPS Telecom
Rosa Maravilla
HR Manager at DPS Telecom

Welcome to the first issue of DPS Telecom's Jobs Newsletter.

Ever wonder what skills and talents Hiring Managers find the most appealing? Do you know what that "special something" is that can set you apart from all other job candidates? In school, you studied all about your dream job and read a ton of books on that industry. Still, none of those books can tell you how to land that dream job and become an asset to the company.

Job hunting is tough - especially in today's economy. The whole job hunting process can be intimidating without the right knowledge. That's why we developed the DPS Telecom Jobs Newsletter.

This newsletter is designed to give you an inside look at the available positions at our company and to show you what DPS Telecom is looking for in a quality candidate. Each issue of our newsletter will feature articles in which our CEO and department managers will share their thoughts on the best ways to get the job of your dreams and climb the ladder of success. In this first issue you will learn from successful DPS Telecom employees how a "Put me in, Coach!" attitude can help you reach the position you want.

Interested in more than just a job? These positions are currently available at DPS Telecom:

Best Regards,

Rosa Maravilla, HR Manager at DPS Telecom

Rosa Maravilla
HR Manager