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Inside Sales Department Description

Here is what our staff had to say about working in the DPS Telecom Sales Department...

"We are all on the same page in the sales department, working towards the same clearly defined goals. The team is motivated and happy to be here. Our clients are great to work with, I have the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of industries and it feels great when you find a solution for the clients needs. This position is ideal for a candidate who is looking for a position that incorporates technical problem solving, and relationship development with clients. "
-Sales Manager

"I leave work with a real sense of accomplishment every day; it is very rewarding to complete a task or quote and to see the results come in. The management team is also very supportive; they are always available to answer any questions I may have. If you are an organized and enjoy working with technology this is the job for you."
-Quote Tech

"Working in the sales department provides amazing personal growth opportunities, and a teamwork environment. Working with our clients to find solutions for their needs provides you with a great sense of fulfillment. The best candidate for this position has a sales mindset and is able to work within an established and structured environment."
-Director of Sales

Sales jobs at DPS are crafted around a time-tested, proven sales process. If you think that success in sales is never an accident, DPS is the place to accelerate your career in Sales.

DPS Telecom sales representatives are expert consultants who provide real-world solutions for our clients. When a client calls in with a tricky technical problem, a sales representative listens first. Then, after understanding the client's problem, they develop a solution from the broad DPS product line.

The key advantage of a Fresno sales job at DPS is the diverse, high-value product line. You'll never have to fool a client into buying a DPS product, because they really will get massive value from their purchase. Your job will revolve around forming the "win-win" sales transactions that modern sales gurus emphasize most.

The DPS Sales Department achieves superior performance through the use of in-house tools. At DPS, you'll sell way more with the benefits of these tools than you could otherwise. Our custom CRM software coordinates your effort with your teammates, and it won't be long before you "Wow" a client with a guided website tour or an online slideshow.

Ultimately, DPS Sales jobs are different from you average sales job because they follow a repeatable, proven sales process. You won't be the "cowboy" stereotype of a salesperson. You'll leverage the power of a system that's been working for decades to sell way more than you otherwise could.