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A Closer Look: Inside Sales at DPS Telecom

So, you've decided to apply for the Inside Sales position at DPS. Congrats on taking the first step! To give you a better understanding of the Inside Sales position, and to see if DPS is a good fit for you, we have included some basic information about what it's like to work in Inside Sales at DPS Telecom.

Working in Inside Sales at DPS Telecom
DPS Telecom Internet Home Page

The Basics of the DPS Sales Team

The duties of the Inside Sales Rep all start with a lead. This could be a Web lead or a client referral. (Notice, we never use the word "customer." We work together with our clients in a joint partnership to find them a solution.)

Our website (www.dpstele.com) handles our Web marketing and generates most of our leads. Potential clients find us on Web by searching for a variety of different things. For example, someone might do a Web search looking for DPS products they're already familiar with. Another Web searcher might be hunting for products that support other equipment already in their network. Either way, a lead communicates to us via an inbound phone call, email, or online info request. This is where you come in.

Identifying Their Needs

One of the most important skills needed by an Inside Sales Rep is problem-solving. Many times, clients are not exactly sure what products or solutions they need. What they do know are the current problems they're facing with elements of their network. As the Inside Sales Rep, it's your job to guide them to the right products to solve their problems.

The Inside Sales Toolbox

In addition to our website, Inside Sales Reps are equipped with a variety of tools to keep track of client information as you guide them towards their perfect fit solution. Our in-house CRM tool stores the data for our large client base. Contact information, incoming/outbound emails, notes and client preferences are stored here.

To educate our clients on DPS products and services, our Sales Team also offers online Web demonstrations. These Web demos allow clients to get all the decision makers together at their company to learn more about how and why a DPS solution will benefit their company. Web demos are great visual aids that go beyond what you can do on the telephone. Our Sales Team can answer the client's questions live as we get closer and closer to finding their solution.
Web Demo

Proposing the Perfect Solution

Once you've accurately identified the client's need, they're ready for a proposal. These proposals are tailored for each client, and contain much more than just a 2-page "quote." As an Inside Sales Rep, you'll help create customized proposals with detailed application drawings of the solution, success stories from other clients, pricing breakdown, and much more.

Think you have what it takes to work in Inside Sales? Click here to start the online application.

Job Description
Duties: Our inside sales reps work with clients to: :
  • Identify their technological needs
  • Recommend and quote appropriate DPS products and solutions
  • Generate revenue by following up on leads from our Web marketing and client referrals
Qualifications and Experience
  • 1-2 years of sales experience, general sales skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Excellent phone skills
  • Above-average computer skills including MS Word & Excel
  • Type 40+ WPM
Must Haves
  • Excellent phone personality
  • Fearless, willing to pick up the phone and call prospects
  • Able to demonstrate understanding of the structured sales process
  • Able to explain how to move prospects through the sales cycle
  • High-energy self starter
  • Able to learn new skills quickly and accurately, without much prompting
Think you have what it takes to work in Inside Sales? Click here to start the online application.