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"Backup Your Building Automation System With This 176-Point RTU..."

SNMP Traps at your MDF
Collect SNMP Traps At Your MDF...

It's a basic monitoring principle that you can't rely on your equipment to monitor itself. As soon as it fails, there goes your monitoring. If this sounds like your current building automation setup, you need to deploy independent monitoring gear to protect your reliability.

That's exactly what the Remote Alarm Block 176N provides, all within a small space. That's because it's a remote alarm block and SNMP RTU - all in one. Even better, it installs right into your MDF while mediating 176 contact closures. It's available in a compact relay-rack or a wall-mount chassis.

Key Advantages of the powerful Remote Alarm Block 176N:

  • Collect SNMP traps right from your MDF
  • Employ 176 alarm inputs for dense alarm collection in the smallest possible space
  • Free up rack space for revenue generating equipment
  • Control relays for instant response to system integrity threats
  • Deploy the RAB 176N anywhere a LAN/WAN connection is available, eliminating the need for dedicated circuits and saving you money.
  • Mediate discretes to SNMP Traps without the time, trouble, and expense of a separate terminal block and RTU
  • Don't buy a new, specialized master to monitor the RAB 176N. Versatile multiprotocol support lets you connect the RAB 176N directly to your existing SNMP manager, TL1 master or T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • Support both TCP transport, for robust error recovery, and UDP transport, for light use of network resources
  • Replace "brain card" without removing wire wrap connections
  • Send alarms using SNMP, TL1, and DCPx/f
  • Select alarm qualification times and filter out "nuisance" alarms that make real problems hard to see
  • Achieve trouble-free installation and configuration without removing wire wrap connections
  • Enjoy free lifetime firmware upgrades and easy hardware replacement
  • Mount on rack or wall

Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 and ask how the RAB 176 can eliminate your MDF troubles. Visit the RAB 176N product page to learn more.

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