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Presenting a new knowledge tool you can't afford to miss-the DPS Telecom QuickTips ezine

May, 7 2003 - Volume 1, Issue 1 - by DPS Telecom

Ron Stover - DPS Telecom Technical Support
Ron Stover
DPS Telecom
Technical Support

The ezine you're reading is a tool-a powerful resource to make your telecom management easier and more effective. Welcome to the first issue of QuickTips from DPS Telecom, a training and technical resource for users of telecom management networks.

QuickTips is based on the experience and expertise of DPS Telecom's technical support staff-the technical support that our clients have rated the best in the industry. Our clients often tell us that the help they've gotten from our tech support has been crucial to a successful monitoring implementation.

We created QuickTips to share this expertise and insight with all our clients. In every issue you'll find the latest tips, tricks, monitoring strategies, and configuration techniques that will make sure you get the most out of your monitoring system.

This introductory issue has been sent to all subscribers of The Protocol. We think you'll like it enough to want to subscribe to receive future issues of QuickTips. Subscription is absolutely free and guarantees that you'll continue to receive this valuable technical information, which you can't get anywhere else.

Ron Stover,
DPS Telecom Technical Support

Verify NetGuardian e-mail notifications the power user way-it's easier than you think!

Setting up e-mail notifications for the NetGuardian can sometimes be tricky, but the NetGuardian software includes a useful debug utility for diagnosing communications problems. In most cases, you will be able to install a new NetGuardian or add e-mail addresses for new personnel without having to use the debug utility. But if there is a problem, the debug utility is a quick, easy, and extremely powerful way of isolating the problem.

Try these steps to verify that your NetGuardian is correctly sending out e-mail notifications.

View a complete list of debug options.

T/MonXM Tip: Are you defeating the purpose of your monitoring system?

The people who need to be notified of monitoring events change on a regular basis-people quit, retire, get promoted or transferred. If you don't keep your list of first responders up to date, you'll defeat the purpose of having a network monitoring system. It does you no good to page a retiree's deactivated pager number while the new guy has no notification that something has gone wrong.

Here's how to setup a new alpha pager in T/MonXM v4.2.

Are you still running an older version of T/MonXM? The new Version 4.2 includes over 50 separate improvements, including new capabilities and time-saving user features. Software upgrades are free to T/Mon Gold Plan subscribers, just one of the many benefits of the T/Mon Gold Plan.

How to optimize your T/MonXM windows layout to provide at-a-glance network status?

In T/MonXM, alarms are grouped into categories called "windows". Alarm windows are a flexible interface element that can be used to organize your alarm information into highly usable, easily understood alarm displays. Here are some tips on optimizing your T/MonXM window layout.

Optimize your T/MonXM window layout.