List Of Debug Options For The NetGuardian

Table 1: Debug Input Options

ESCExit Debug
Bshow BAC status points
Tshow task status
Ushow DUART information
Rshow network routing table
XClear debug enable bitmap. Turn all debug filters OFF
?Display options

Table 2: Debug Filter Options

aAlarm toggle switch. Show posting of alarm data.
AAnalog toggle switch. Shows analog posting.
cConfig toggle switch. Shows TTY interface debug.
CControl relay toggle switch. Shows relay operation.
dDCP responder toggle switch. Shows DCP protocol.
DDevice toggle switch. Shows device processing.
eExpansion poller toggle switch. Shows polling error.
EECU Interrogator toggle switch. Shows BAC processing.
fFTP Command toggle switch. Shows command parsing.
FFTP Data toggle switch. Shows FTP Read / Write.
gGLD poller toggle switch. Shows polling error.
hHTML debug switch. Shows Web Browser processing.
HHWACS debug switch. Shows hardware access operation.
iPING toggle switch.
kSocket toggle switch. Shows current dcu resources.
lLED toggle switch. Shows current LED state.
LLCD display toggle switch. Shows LCD control and text.
mModem toggle switch. Shows modem vectored initialization.
MUndefined. (Not Used)
oOsstart toggle switch. Miscellaneous application debug.
OUndefined. (Not Used)
pSPORT toggle switch. Port init debug and channeled port debug.
PPPP toggle switch. Shows PPP functioning.
qQAccess toggle switch.
QUndefined. (Not Used)
rReport toggle switch. Shows reporting event activity.
sSNMP toggle switch.
SSTAK toggle switch. Shows network processing.
tTERM toggle switch. Shows UDP/TCP port handling.
VUndefined. (Not Used)
wHTTP toggle switch. Shows handling of Web Browser packets.
WWEB toggle switch 2. Dump HTTP Web Browser packets.

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