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Featured Product: A network monitoring system so advanced, it's actually easy to use

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Advanced Telemetry System
Scalable Solution: You can design a system to meet your exact needs. And when your needs change, you can change ATS just by adding a card.

For most network applications, adding capability means adding complexity. If you want a new feature or more capacity, it often means buying new equipment, juggling incompatible protocols, and struggling to get the old to work with the new.

At DPS Telecom, we think network monitoring should solve problems, not make new ones. So we've designed a comprehensive high-capacity network monitoring solution that meets both your present and future needs in a single platform.

The Advanced Telemetry System (ATS) is a scalable, flexible framework that integrates an entire network monitoring system in a single modular shelf. It can be scaled from as few as 96 discrete inputs to as many as 5,568, and can also incorporate analog inputs and control relays. A single processor card reports alarms to multiple masters via SNMP or TL1 over TCP/IP.

This high capacity comes in very small packages. The ATS is available in either a 10-position or 3-position modular shelf. The 10-position shelf is only 7RU tall, and both units can be mounted in 19" or 23" racks. These shelves are not only modular, but also stackable, so you get exactly the capacity you need.

"ATS is a fundamentally new approach to network monitoring."

The advanced modular design is central to the capabilities of the ATS. Each card has an integrated front and rear panel, so any ATS card can be placed in any ATS slot. With the ATS, you can design a system to meet your exact needs. And when your needs change, you can modify your system just by adding a card.

"The ATS is a fundamentally new approach to network monitoring," says Eric Storm, DPS Executive Vice President.

Advanced Telemetry System
All-in-one: The Advanced Telemetry System combines all-in-one convenience and is available in either a 10-position (above) or 3-position shelf.

System configuration is just as simple. The Windows-based configuration utility included with the unit can be used locally or via LAN, and it's great for creating a centralized archive of system information for the entire network. Even after a complete power loss, the system will immediately return to normal operation when power is restored.

The ATS supports a Web browser interface for multiple users to view alarm status and operate controls. Each user's access rights are defined in a system security profile.

And because network reliability cannot be part time, the ATS supports individually fused dual -48 VDC power feeds.

High capacity - Low cost

The ATS is the most cost-effective high-capacity network monitoring system available today. One moderately priced unit has the capacity to monitor thousands of points, giving you the most points per dollar of any system on the market.

Four types of cards are available for the Advanced Telemetry System:

Advanced Telemetry Processor (ATP)
Each Advanced Telemetry System has one ATP, which coordinates access to the other cards and reports alarms via SNMP or TL1 to multiple masters. The ATP also controls Telnet and TCP/IP communication, provides ports for remote and local connections, and features an LCD for local monitoring.

Advanced Telemetry Discrete (ATD)
The Advanced Telemetry Discrete card is available in two versions, supporting either 96 or 192 discrete inputs.

Advanced Telemetry Analog (ATA)
The Advanced Telemetry Analog card is available with either 32 or 64 analog inputs. The ATA features 12-bit resolution scalable over multiple voltage ranges, and each input can be configured for voltage or current input.

Advanced Telemetry Relay (ATR)
The Advanced Telemetry Relay card is available with either 32 or 64 Form C control relays.

The Advanced Telemetry System offers both high capacity network monitoring and configuration flexibility in one easy-to-use, cost-effective package.

Do you have questions about the Advanced Telemetry System?
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