President's Letter: Come see how the latest technologies will bolster your bottom line

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Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry,

Be sure to come to SuperComm this year! We're geared up for some exciting things and we plan to unveil some of our latest cutting-edge technologies.

In today's tight, competitive telecom industry, keeping your networks up and running is crucial to customer retention. Network reliability is the number one cause of customer churn that is under YOUR control. Our complete line of monitoring and network management products are simply the best on the market (and continually getting better and better!). It's like having a crystal ball - you are able to see and anticipate problems before they impact your customer. Speaking of crystal balls; stop by our booth at SuperComm and get a free Palm reading AND sign up for our Palm Pilot drawing.

Our industry has been undergoing a shakeout for the last 2 years - only those who truly focus on their customer's needs will survive. Stop by and let me show you how DPS can maximize your network uptime - you can't afford not to talk to us.

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Dear Mr. Storm,

In late February 2001, I was tasked with developing a Fault Alarm System to be used at our Telecommunications Facilities. We identified a set of requirements, made a list of potential vendors, and subsequently narrowed the list to three who met our initial criteria.

The DPS NetGuardian product was tested first. I was very impressed with the ease of installation and great documentation that was provided. When I encountered any issues, a phone call to either you or Rick would always bring quick resolution.

The two other vendor's products participating in the trial didn't have the functionality of the NetGuardian product. I also found their documentation to be quite cumbersome, their software interface to be lacking, and their company's not providing the support that we had expected. Each of the other vendors required additional equipment to handle the analog alarms and their equipment was larger than the NetGuardian, therefore requiring more precious relay rack space.

When all the testing was completed, a business case was created. As the pricing and features were compared side-by-side, it was very apparent that the DPS NetGuardian was the clear winner. We have since begun to install the NetGuardian at two regenerator sites and are moving forward with the deployment to the rest of our network. As we grow in size and additional facilities are added, the DPS NetGuardian product will be our product of choice to satisfy our Fault Alarm Engineering needs.

Again, thanks for your response and commitment to NEON Communications, and I look forward to a continued business relationship.


John Curran
Fault Alarm Engineer
NEON Communications

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