President's Letter: SUPERCOMM in Atlanta

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry, CEO

Customer retention is a critical issue in the tight, competitive telecom market.

The best way to hold onto your existing customers, and attract others away from your competitors, is to provide reliable service and guaranteed access. Our full line of network alarm management elements, combined with our Alarm Management Masters, help you gain a competitive edge by helping you offer better uptime service.

Come to SuperComm in Atlanta this June. Stop by our booth and take a look at our full, robust product line. See for yourself why DPS Telecom is one of the leaders in Alarm Management, Remote Telemetry and Protocol Conversion.

To entice you further, I have enclosed a complimentary exhibit pass and a coupon for a DPS Telecom T-Shirt which you can redeem at our booth. Stop by and talk to one of our Alarm Experts, and see how we can help you keep your customers happy - before we help one of your competitors take them away!

See you at SuperComm!

Bob Berry, CEO

Dear Mr. Dodd,

Five years ago we purchased fifty-five KDA-864 units to provide alarm monitoring for the Connecticut State Police network. Of all the network elements that make up the "CTS" network, the KDA units have been the most reliable.

Recently we found the need for additional alarm monitoring and contacted DPS. The sales group was helpful and professional and suggested that a "second" KDA-864 could be added by simply daisy-chaining it to the original, making it unnecessary to provide an additional RS-232 port to interface with our Network Management System. We look forward to continued future business with your organization.


Rick Murray
Project Manager
Middletown, CT

Jared Geesey
Jared Geesey

Virtually every product shipped comes with some type of documentation. When you open your DPS product's user manual to begin the installation process, you can be sure that the manuals you are using are complete, up-to-date, and easy to read. That's because Jared Geesey, DPS' Documentation Manager, has spent many hours gathering and verifying the information in each document.

Jared has implemented many new ideas into DPS' documentation, making them an accurate, reliable, and most of all - user friendly source of information.

"It is our goal to produce the most accurate documents possible for our partners. I make sure that the information in each document is checked and verified by our engineers before we publish it."

Customers often request documentation specific to their environment and they need it in a short period of time. But because of Jared's hands-on approach to each product, the documentation DPS produces is well organized and easy for both technicians and engineers to understand. His background in electronics has also served him well in his understanding of the subject matter he is writing about.

"I try to put myself in the role of the customer to create product documentation that is accurate, easy to read, and clearly shows people what DPS can do for them."

Jared has become a vital part of the DPS family and is excited about his involvement in making DPS the first choice for network management solutions.

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