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The Protocol - Mar/Apr 2001

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President's Letter: We continue to focus on providing our customers innovative network management solutions

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry, CEO

We continue to focus on providing our customers innovative network management solutions. Several new products, developed during the first quarter, demonstrate the quality solutions you have come to expect from DPS.

We have often been asked to provide a rack-mountable -48VDC hub, to use along with our SNMP & LAN products. In answer to this request, we developed the Industrial Rack Mount (IRM) Hub for use with remote site network gear. The new NetGuardian 216A-H also integrates a hub with our powerful NetGuardian line. Read more about it in the following pages.

Our full product line covers 90% of what most people need for alarm detection and management. However, DPS specializes in developing that final 10%. Our custom hardware and software development is designed to give you a single point of contact for supply and support. When it comes to Network Alarm Management, DPS is THE supplier with the answers you need.

Bob Berry's Signature

Praise from our Partners:
DPS goes the extra step to support our partners

Great Job!


Thanks for your support and going the extra step to accommodate our demands with our aggressive upgrade schedule. By the surprised look on many of the faces around here, I get the feeling some doubted this project could be completed in the time line we laid out. We beat the snow/ice storms and the holiday break, which was an objective at the beginning.

Thanks to all of the DPS Telecom staff we associated with.

Cory Alexander
Eric Storm
Sean Crispin

Thanks again,

Bill Nelson
NOC Senior Manager
Carrollton, TX

Featured Employee:
Eric Storm - Expert Consultant at Your Service

Ron Stover
Eric Storm

When it comes to planning your network - from monitoring a new site to mediating legacy gear - Eric Storm is definitely the person you want on your contact list. As one of the founders of DPS, Eric has 14 years of experience in customer service providing alarm monitoring solutions.

"I provide the bridge between what the customer needs to get accomplished and it's physical implementation. In most cases, its putting together the right combinations of DPS products." Eric further explains, "Sometimes it requires knowing where the one or two key locations are to enhance an existing product to meet customer's needs. Occasionally its creating the preliminary specs for unique solutions for clients with medium to large deployments."

Eric's favorite aspect of DPS is the way in which Sales, Engineering, Production, and Technical Support work together to provide our customers with perfect fit solutions. Part of that solution often includes a personal visit from Eric. He does a lot of traveling and enjoys face to face meetings with current and future clients.

Eric is detail oriented and likes to finish things. Combine that with a strong engineering/design background, and you will rest easy knowing Eric has a hand in your network layout. If you have any questions or concerns, Eric is always eager to hear them. "I would be a good person to call or e-mail to let DPS know how well we are doing our job."

So call or e-mail Eric today and let him know how we're doing!