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The Protocol - Mar/Apr 2001

Featured Product:
Data on the Go! The new NetGuardian 216A-H adds infrared access & an 8-port hub to our most popular product line.

The next generation of the NetGuardian product line is here! DPS Telecom introduces the NetGuardian 216A-H. This new release touts some major feature enhancements, most notably an optional internal 8-port hub and an infrared port for interfacing with laptops and handheld computers running the Palm OS. These are in addition to all of the standard features available in the standard NetGuardian 832A, such as web browser configuration and monitoring.

The NetGuardian 216A-H
Handheld device: The IrDA port shares
alarm data with your handheld device.

The Palm PDA configuration software gives access to detailed alarm descriptions, analog readings, control operation, pinging, and system setup and status. The infrared port simplifies maintenance tasks, such as obtaining diagnostic data, by eliminating the need for connecting cables. A laptop with an infrared port can also access the 216A-H to obtain the same information.

The NetGuardian 216A-H boasts multiple configuration channels, making it easy to install, update, view alarm status, and provision each site. Unit configuration and monitoring can be done from a web browser, from a Telnet session, locally at the Craft port, via dial-up, and from a Palm Pilot using the included software for accessing the unit through the IrDA port.

Also featured are multiple alarm notification methods, which give you convenient, instant site visibility. Technicians receive alarm pages on both numeric and alphanumeric pagers while network managers are notified through their existing SNMP manager(s). Alarms can be individually configured to send SNMP Traps to multiple SNMP managers. Network masters such as T/MonXM and the IAM are reported to seamlessly. Other Network Manager applications can receive formatted alarm data at a specified TCP port.

The NetGuardian 216A-H also has the capacity needed for small remote sites. It monitors 16 discrete alarms using optically isolated inputs. Discrete alarms may be triggered by a simple two-wire contact closure or a single wire ground closure. Two analog inputs measuring either voltage or current are included, each having four user-defined alarm thresholds. A built-in sensor measuring room temperature is connected to the first analog input. The second input is available for other sensors or battery voltage monitoring. Two relays give remote control of connected devices, such as back-up systems, generators, door locks, etc. The 216A-H monitors more than just environmental alarms. 32 Ping alarms monitor other networked devices, alerting you when they fail to respond to multiple Pings.

NetGuardian 832A
The NetGuardian: The NetGuardian 216A-H back panel features diagnostic LEDs, eliminating the need to check the front panel for network activity during installation.

The single rack unit NetGuardian 216A-H packs a punch with four types of alarm data, five alarm-reporting mediums, five user interfaces, and an internal 8-port hub with an up-link jack on port 8. On top of that, reach-through functionality is offered for a single serial port, allowing TCP/IP visibility of serial data. Versatility, capacity, and reliability of the NetGuardian line are reasons why it is the standard for network alarm monitoring needs. The new 216A-H continues on that path and takes it a step further.

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