CapRock Communications’ Alarm Distribution Needs Create the Alarm Distribution Shelf

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Through the years, DPS has had a very successful relationship in working with CapRock Communications, a southwestern U.S. integrated communications provider (ICP) that offers local, long-distance, Internet, data and private line services to business customers via its 7,500-mile fiber network throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

Earlier this year, Miquel (Mike) Stewart, central office engineer for CapRock, mentioned to DPS a specific need to send copies of their alarm to co-located equipment.

The CapRock crew
CapRock crew: (from left to right) Joey Todd, Kevin Bernhardt, Allen R. Davidson and Arnold Clemente.

Through a series of interviews and research, DPS engineers proposed a specification, CapRock Communications approved it and the Alarm Distribution Shelf (ADS) was born.

"You guys talked us through a rather difficult stage where we had to make up our minds what we wanted to do, and then we implemented it, and you were an excellent source for help," said Stewart.

DPS is committed to building solutions that work and gain customer satisfaction. "Both products did exactly what you said they would do and how you said they would do it. The beautiful part about it is that there are no follow-ups. The sucker works," said Stewart.

According to CapRock, integrating their custom-designed system has been relatively quick and easy. "Our DPS system is very user friendly. We have not had any problems implementing and operating this system," said Joey Todd, manager of inside plant engineering.

DPS offers around the clock support. "Every time we ended up having a problem with the unit, we'd make a quick phone call, and we'd have resolved our issues," said Project Manager Arnold Clemente.

When asked if they had a chance to do it all again would they, Allen R. Davidson, senior power systems engineer said, "Yes, we're very pleased. Definitely pleased."

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