Distribute Alarms To Collocation Tenants Securely

Alarm Distribution Shelf (ADS)
Collect and distribute: ADS monitors up to 256 ground closures and distributes alarms to up to 20 users. Two shelves can be cascaded together for high density applications.


The Alarm Distribution Shelf (ADS) permits building and facility owners to collect and distribute alarms to their tenants. This solution effectively isolates the individual alarms systems allowing potentially non-compatible systems to co-exist. It also features the ability to select which alarms points get forwarded as well as the capability to perform logical functions that can summarize and filter alarm data.

The ADS monitors up to 256 ground closures and can distribute those alarms to up to 20 users, each receiving 16 points. Additionally, a copy of the entire source alarms is provided for the facility owner so then can keep track of the site in its entirety.

This solution is modular in nature consisting of SMATs (32-point alarm input cards) and AOCs (32 relay output cards). Cards can be added to pre-designated position in the shelf as additional input or output capacity is required. Up to two shelves can be cascaded together for high density applications.

The ADS is housed in the 13 slot 460 shelf for 23" rack mounting. T/ADS, a Windows configuration utility, is provided to compile the mapping rules and to download them to the shelf.


The ADS is fully configurable and can be used in a one or two shelf application. The single shelf configuration supports 128 ground closure alarm inputs. These 128 source alarms are repeated to 128 AOC relay outputs to two KDAs. Five more AOC cards provide 160 relay closures whose function is determined by simple Boolean logic equations through the T/ADS software. These AOC outputs are routed to USERs 1-10.

For a two shelf application, an additional 128 alarm inputs are provided, bringing the total input alarms to 256. The same configuration is maintained, with the SMATS occupying the 4 leftmost slots of each shelf, and the AOC cards the remaining 9 slots.


Dimensions: 20.25" W x 10.5" L x 6" H
Mounting: 23" rack
Power Input: -48VDC (-36VDC to -72VDC), dual feed
Fusing: 0.25 Amp x 13 provided by Fuse Module
Alarm Point Inputs: 128 ground closure per shelf; max 2 shelves (max 2 shelves, 256 inputs)
Operating Temperature Range: 0°-60°C or 30°-140°F
Humidity: 0% to 95% non-condensing

Options and Model Numbers

23" Alarm Distribution Shelf D-RK-300-10A-23
T/ADS Provisioning Utility D-SW-796-1107
AOC (Alarm Output Relay Card) D-MAS-46120-40
SMAT (32-point unit with sub-assembly, point distribution software D-MAS-46011-40
Download Cable D-PR-045-10A-04
M-M Amphenol™ cables (AOC to KDA) D-MAS-46120-40

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