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The Protocol - May/Jun 1999

KDA/NIA Network Element undergoes NEBS Testing

DPS' KDA 864 Network Element with Network Interface Adapter (NIA) is currently submitting to extensive testing to certify that it is compliant with the Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) requirements.

KDA Testing RF
Testing stage: KDA about
to be bathed with RF.

The NEBS standards have been thrust upon a broad spectrum of the telecom industry because of co-location of non-telco owned equipment on telco-owned properties. In order to assure that such equipment causes no harm to personnel or network equipment located in the same office, many telcos are requiring co-located equipment to pass a minimum group of tests known as NEBS level 1.

NEBS level 1 tests include safety, electromagnetic immunity (EMI), electromagnetic compliance (EMC), fire resistance and bonding/grounding.

DPS Telecom products are slated to be tested to NEBS level 3, beginning with the KDA / NIA mentioned above. Level 3 adds seismic, thermal, airborne contaminant, electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightening and other tests.

KDA/NIA tested for EMC in test chamber
Testing stage: KDA/NIA is
tested for EMC in DPS'
"pre-compliance" test chamber
before being sent to NTS Labs
in Fullerton.

While NEBS compliance tests must be conducted at a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), DPS has installed a "pre-compliance" test facility to minimize the time required for completion of compliance tests. Final compliance testing is performed at National Technical Systems (NTS) in southern California.

"NEBS compliance testing is very costly," commented DPS Telecom President Bob Berry. "We don't want this to affect the cost of our product to DPS Telecom partners who do not face the NEBS requirement. Therefore, we will continue to provide our products in the standard configuration, while NEBS compliant units will carry a special model designation," he concluded.

For information on NEBS compliant DPS products, contact DPS inside sales.

President's Letter: SuperComm '99...

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry, CEO

The highlight of the year for most of us in the telecom industry is the SuperComm show in Atlanta. This year's show was certainly a highlight for DPS Telecom, as many of our Partners came to our booth to say "Hi!" and see what's new. I had the pleasure of meeting many of you. Thanks for being a part of the DPS Telecom family.

The most predominant theme at the show had to be the Internet and the tremendous impact it is having on the industry. We know that the Internet is important to most of you - as users, network operators or both.

Our commitment to support your Internet activities is solidly backed by the number of new products and supports we are providing for Ethernet and IP devices. The bulk of our research and development is directed at this area. Our training activities are concentrating on preparing tech support personnel who are familiar with your Internet and LAN needs.

This summer we have a number of Fresno State University students in our Tech Support lab and classroom learning about Internet and network technology. It is our hope that they will spend their careers supporting you, whether at DPS or some other telecom company. This is the future of our world.

Bob Berry Signature

AZTEL Named DPS Telecom Distributor for Mexico

Azteca Telecomunicaciones Aztel S.A. De C.V. (AZTEL) of Cuauhtemoc, Mexico D.F.C.P. has been chosen to be our distributor for Mexico.

"AZTEL will be our partners for our partners in Mexico," stated Eric Storm, DPS Telecom's Executive Vice President of Sales. "They have an extensive background in the telecommunications field. They also base their business on customer service and then more service."

He continued, "This is a classic 'win-win scenario' in that AZTEL gains access to an impressive collection of monitoring equipment and we benefit from their experience in the market."

Storm concluded, "AZTEL will stock spares and perform first tier technical support. Their sparing effectively removes delays in customs, which insures our Mexican clientele will enjoy the same high level of support as their US counterparts."

As a distributor, AZTEL will have full responsibility for Engineer, Furnish and Install (E. F. & I.) and will have fully qualified personnel to support all aspects of meeting the needs of customers.

AZTEL's President, Ing. Jesus G. Carranza Pena commented, "Since the beginning, AZTEL has specialized in mediation equipment. We have chosen DPS because we found in your equipment the best state-of- the-art technology and competitive prices."

Mexican telecom users and network operators can get in touch with AZTEL through DPS' Fresno office or can contact AZTEL directly by calling 011-525-208-36-48. Their FAX number is: 011-525-207-81-66.

AZTEL's mailing address is: Rio Tiber no. 97, Col. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico D.F. CP 06500.

You can send them e-mail at: rjcarranza@aztel.com.mx.