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The Protocol - Mar/Apr 1999

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Amy Bell - One of our live voices

Amy Bell
Amy Bell

With our goal being to get you the assistance you need as quickly as possible when you call in, we don't believe in the mechanical receptionist during normal business hours. We know how frustrating it is to deal with a machine instead of a real person when you need assistance now!

Amy Bell is the first live voice you get when you call DPS. She will ensure that your call is quickly routed to the appropriate technician or sales representative to get you the answers you need. Amy also maintains our documentation inventory so the latest published information is ready to send to you.

"I like being able to help our customers when they are in need of assistance," Amy answered when asked what she likes about working at DPS. "The diversity and opportunities I experience daily keep my days interesting and full of possibilities. I like working in an atmosphere that runs like a well-oiled clock and is a pleasant environment for the employees."

Amy brought with her an extensive background in customer service as well as having traveled throughout the US. Her familiarity with cities and states help her to assist you further.

Call today, tell Amy hello and let her start you on the road to finding your network management solution.

Open House Draws from Near and Far

From nearby suppliers and supporters to partners from as far away as Georgia, more than 250 people converged on DPS new corporate headquarters for an open house celebration on April 6, 1999.

All departments were slicked up and showing off

Open House
Open House: Automated manufacturing
drew crowds at open house.

their skills to the guests. By far the most popular exhibit was in the manufacturing area, where automated P.C board stuffing gave everyone an eye-opening look at the capabilities of modern technology.

The next most popular area was the reception lobby, which was well stocked with chilled shrimp and other culinary delights.

But you don't have to wait for an open house invitation for a visit and tour. We can't promise what will be demonstrated, nor can we guarantee chilled shrimp, but the coffee's always ready! Please call us and let us know when you'll be dropping by.

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