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San Juan County, N.M., Adds Legacy Support, Paging and Alarm History Recording with T/MonXM

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Editor's note: T/Mon Story is a report of actual case history with an interview of the principle participant. Permission to use the names of the individual and company are obtained before publishing.

Don Cooper monitors his T/MonXM Workstation
Don Cooper can monitor
San Juan County's microwave
network on his new T/MonXM

When it's time to add greater visibility to your monitoring system, DPS can provide an economical solution with T/MonXM and a little ingenuity.

San Juan County of New Mexico was monitoring their microwave network's status with an embedded system that used a Badger Mini-master to provided a hard copy print-out in their 911 call center.

"Our old system left us with a tremendous amount of unknowns," stated Don Cooper, Communications Coordinator for San Juan County. "Once the paper was torn off the printer we had no clue...it was history."

"We wanted a system that was computer enhanced so it would call us on alpha pagers and give us a history. We wanted to be able to do it remotely, not only here at the dispatch center, but from my office and other remote sites."

The DPS solution allowed them to use their original remotes. The plan called for a T/MonXM WorkStation equipped with the appropriate communications interface and protocol converter.

In order to develop the protocol conversion, an FSK converter was taken to the San Juan County operations center. The data stream was captured and e-mailed to software engineers in Fresno. Working through the night, the engineers e-mailed the protocol converter back to San Juan County by the next morning.

San Juan County's T/MonXM now provides full visibility of the micro- wave system's status in the 911 center. Cooper says, "I like that I can now make the choice of which alarms I want to know about, and that I can change it as my needs change."

Cooper praised DPS tech support as "extremely helpful. They solved all the little problems that came along, either on the telephone or remotely by plugging on line with me."

If you need to update your legacy alarm gear, why not consider partnering with DPS for one of our Dependable, Powerful Solutions?

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