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T/KdaW Joins T/AlphaW to Ease Configuration Chores

An earlier issue of The Protocol announced T/AlphaW, configuration software for the AlphaMax network element designed to run under Windows 95, 98 or NT*. The success of this software has resulted in development of similar software for the KDA network element.

Analog Expansion Card
User friendly: Analog Expansion Card
configuration window is simple to use.

Ted Lesher heads the project to convert the T/Config products to Windows operation. According to Ted, "Users have been very pleased with the way the Windows-based software simplifies the configuration process. It really makes sense now because nearly everyone is used to the type of presentation that Windows gives you."

Since there are several variations of the KDA network element, including Time-Stamp, SNMP, TL1, 864, 832 and TAP, it may take some time before all are fully supported with Windows-based configuration software. The first versions supported will be the "standard" KDA 864 and the Time-Stamp. The same software package will support both of these popular versions. Other versions will follow soon thereafter.

Like T/AlphaW, T/KdaW will be available for downloading via the Web.

*Trademark Microsoft Corporation

8 Port Serial Switch Accesses Multiple Devices

DPS' new 8 Port Serial Switch (SPS 8) allows you to connect up to eight data sources to one port of a collection device, such as the NetDog 82IP. Commands from an ASCII terminal control the switch to route data to the appropriate port. Each channel has a 16K buffer that allows data to be moved between ports at different data rates.

8 Port Serial Switch expands the NetDog
Grow and expand: 8 Port Serial Switch expands the NetDog's ASCII port up to eight times.

This switch is an economical solution for network users who find that they don't have enough access ports as new equipment is added to sites.

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