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GTE Mediates TL1, DCPF and Teltrac Data to SNMP with the IAM

DPS Telecom's IAM Element Manager has once again proved to be the tool of choice for a major network operator when faced with mediation of multiple protocols. Rob Walsman of GTE Telecom, Inc. had a dilemma. As OSS manager in Indianapolis, he was

Rob Walsman
On the job: Rob Walsman manages
GTE's Indianapolis OSS.
GTE's IAM solution
The IAM: GTE's IAM Solution features
protection switch routing.

challenged to port all his network management data to a facility in Dallas, reporting to an SNMP manager. The problem was his alarm sources consisted of a variety of protocols, including TL1, DCPF and Teltrac. He was especially concerned about the manufacturer discontinued TelTrak remotes. "Cut over would be difficult without completely replacing the system," Rob explained. "I was out at DPS for training and Eric Storm, Eric Bopp and myself put our heads together as to how we might get this Teltrac system in," Rob commented.

He continued, "Rather than reject the project because it did not involve a DPS product, we came up with a sort of a new product which is really a neat solution to solve this problem, which is, at this point, working really well... at a very reasonable price and time frame."

Rob continued, "We had a tight time frame to meet... there were a couple of times we had to pay something extra, and that was reasonable... John [Maldonado, DPS Installer] kicked in like he was a member of the team... worked as many hours as we did to assure that the project was complete."

When asked if he would do it again, Rob replied, "Sure, in a heartbeat. There was a lot on the line. [It] works very reliably... I'm looking forward to the next project."

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