How DPS Out-of-Box Audits Ensure You Have A Great Experience Every Time

Your job is hard enough. Remote monitoring and control systems are supposed to give you eyes and ears throughout your network to make your easier.

But it doesn't feel that way when you're struggling to turn up new equipment. A confusing configuration process can be more trouble than it's worth.

That's why, at DPS, we conduct "out-of-box audits" before you ever see a product in person.

NetGuardian Install Kit
During an out-of-box audit, each tester is given everything that you would get in a standard shipping box - and nothing else.

Out-of-box audit procedure:

  1. Find a stand-in for a DPS client. This can be any smart person who's unfamiliar with the product to be tested (ex. DPS front desk staff, a new hire, a client here for training).
  2. Produce and deliver a boxed product exactly as it will be shipped.
  3. Hand the tester the box, provide a brief overview of what they're meant to set up, and say, "Do a good job."
  4. Observe the tester for any potential issues with the product or setup steps. Ask the tester to narrate their thoughts, especially when they're stuck.
  5. Improve the product and documentation.
  6. Repeat until the product approaches perfection.
Installing an HVAC Controller
DPS out-of-box tester wiring alarms to a monitoring device.

How out-of-box audits benefit you:

  • You get a better user experience
  • You spend less time talking to Tech Support. Our Support team is excellent, but your best-case scenario is that you never need them.
  • Any new custom features that you ordered will match the spec you provided to the Sales team.
  • Products are delivered faster over time, as DPS learns generalized design best practices.
  • You get documentation that is simple and easy to follow.
  • You can install a bigger, more complex monitoring system with a smaller, less trained team.

Out-of-box audits are simply another part of our commitment to your total satisfaction. We're always happy to hear your feedback. Tech Support is always free (559-454-1600).

We hope that, by thoroughly auditing every new product before we ship it, you get an excellent experience automatically. We might not be at the point where a NetGuardian crawls out of the box and installs itself, but we push a little closer to that goal every day.