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A Switched Rack PDU Maximizes Network Reliability with Remote Power Control

By Haley Zeigler

September 14, 2023


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the need for efficient network power management has never been greater. Power outages and unmanaged power distribution can lead to costly downtime and disastrous network disruptions. The goal is to maintain network reliability and to save time and resources. Implementing remote power control in the form of a switched rack PDU is a key element of an effective infrastructure monitoring and control system.

Let's dive into the intricacies of this solution.

The Underlying Challenge with Network Power

For businesses of every size, managing network power is an ongoing concern. However, the weight of this concern often becomes palpable when one assesses the repercussions of unmanaged power. These encompass:

  • Downtime:
    Unplanned power outages can lead to prolonged network downtime. This leads to staggering losses in productivity and revenue. Worse still, in industries such as healthcare or 911 response, the stakes are even higher with potential risks to human lives.
  • The Cost of Inefficiency:
    Many still lean on traditional power management methods - a precarious decision. Such outdated systems cannot often provide real-time monitoring. This shortcoming triggers unnecessary energy consumption and increases operational costs.
  • Windshield Time:
    Time and money wasted on truck rolls to remote sites are an annoyance and a large expense. And, any delay in the restoration of your network can affect your customers' safety and satisfaction.
  • Reliability in Question:
    A network without a robust remote power control system resembles a ticking time bomb. Any significant disruption in your network can leave customers disgruntled at best, tarnishing your brand's reputation in the process.

Envisioning the Solution with a Remote Power Switch

field tech at substation
You don't have to send techs out to a site every time there is an interruption to your network - with a remotely controlled switched PDU with RTU features (like the Remote Power Switch from DPS), problems can be solved by rebooting equipment from your Central Office.

If you've ever had to jump in your truck and drive hours to a site to reboot jammed equipment, you already know exactly why you need a remote power control solution. It's not just about convenience; it's about crafting an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable power management system.

An ideal solution will provide you with:

  • Real-time Monitoring:
    The capability to have a real-time glimpse into power consumption and distribution is invaluable. Such visibility enables businesses to take proactive measures, ensuring the connected device operates seamlessly.
  • Remote Control:
    No more unnecessary downtime. With the power to automatically turn devices on or off remotely, a switched rack PDU boosts network reliability.
  • Cost-effectiveness Realized:
    A high quality, telco-grade remote power control device is an investment that quickly pays for itself. The tangible benefits of an optimized power management system reverberate in reduced operational expenses. You'll accrue savings by eliminating windshield time and preventing the loss of network uptime and/or expensive gear due to prolonged loss of power.

Remote Power Switch by DPS Telecom: The Epitome of Efficiency and Remote Power Management

DC Remote Power Switch topology
With a DC Remote Power Switch, you can remotely control power to many of your DC-powered devices.

Designed meticulously for users who understand the pain of driving miles to reboot a stuck piece of equipment, this power switch offers unparalleled convenience and control. No longer are remote site visits for minor hiccups the norm. With the touch of a button, you can power on/off and reboot all your essential devices from the comfort of your office.

Operational Brilliance

With any computer connected to your network, you can control the connected devices completely. Whether you're operating controls, checking real-time temperature metrics, or gauging power consumption, everything can be done remotely. The integrated web browser uses HTTPS, ensuring all your commands and browsing remain secure.

DPS Telecom has infused the product with built-in RTU functions to bolster the switch's capability further. You can choose between two build options: one loaded with 16 discretes, 4 analogs, and 2 controls, and the other focusing solely on DC switching power. Depending on your requirements, you can receive notifications for events sent to up to 8 devices, encompassing a blend of SNMP managers and email addresses.

For users who require control over multiple power units at a singular location, the expansion port on the back facilitates the daisy-chaining of several RPC units, making the system more scalable. Another added feature, particularly vital for unmanned remote sites, is internal temperature monitoring. The RPS provides real-time updates on environmental conditions, ensuring that equipment operates within optimal parameters.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Capacity:
    The switch can handle 8 switched -48 VDC feeds, with a maximum of 8 amps per feed.
  • Connectivity:
    Equipped with a 10BaseT LAN port, a DB9 - RS232 craft port, and an RS485 expansion port, ensuring versatile connections.
  • Security & Control:
    Commands for power control include On, Off, and Reset (off-on). SNMP compatibility is integrated, and the web interface is secured with SSL encryption.
  • Build & Compliance:
    The design is RoHS compliant 5/6 and is rack-mountable, fitting perfectly into just 1 RU (DIN-mounted version also available). Additionally, the firmware is upgradeable via serial or LAN, ensuring that the switch always remains up-to-date.
  • Controls:
    A TTY interface is integrated for setup and DC switch control for ease of use.

Why the DC Remote Power Switch is a Game-Changer

  • Remote Efficiency:
    Bid goodbye to time-consuming and expensive truck rolls. Now, switch on/off and reboot up to 8 DC-powered devices right from your workspace.
  • Built for Flexibility:
    With two distinct build options, choose a version that aligns with your organization's needs.
  • Safety First:
    Security-conscious organizations can rest easy with the HTTPS-encrypted web browsing feature.
  • Environment Tracking:
    The in-built temperature monitoring ensures that equipment remains in safe operational conditions, protecting investments.
  • Power Monitoring:
    With the ability to monitor current draw on power input feeds, resource optimization is at your fingertips.

Ideal Use Cases

This state-of-the-art Remote Power Switch is not limited to specific devices. This switch is compatible whether you have routers, switches, microwave equipment, remote telemetry units (RTUs), cameras, or any other non-networked, non-SNMP devices. Any equipment that traditionally required an in-person visit for power management can now be handled remotely.

DPS Remote Power Switch: Unraveling Its Utility & ROI

Businesses across various sectors are realizing the tangible benefits of the Remote Power Switch. But what makes it such an essential asset? Let's dive deeper into its utility and how it promises a solid Return on Investment (ROI).

  1. The Ultimate Solution for Distant Network Issues
    Have you ever encountered a situation where a minor glitch at a remote site required hours of travel just for a quick reboot? The DPS Remote Power Switch eliminates this headache. With the capability to remotely power devices on or off, you'll no longer need to allocate resources for on-site visits for minor issues. This conserves time and ensures that your network experiences minimal downtime.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: An Eye on Every Connected Device
    In our interconnected world, every device on a network becomes a potential point of failure. With the DPS Remote Power Switch, you gain a bird's-eye view of your network's power consumption and distribution. This real-time monitoring allows for proactive intervention, averting potential catastrophes before they escalate.
  3. Automatic Power Protocols for Seamless Operations
    The DPS Remote Power Switch isn't just a passive monitoring tool. It actively engages with the network, following pre-set protocols to automatically reboot or power devices when certain conditions are met. This automated response mechanism ensures that even without manual intervention, the network remains functional, reducing the chances of costly disruptions.
  4. Tangible Savings
    When evaluating the ROI of any tool, the bottom line invariably revolves around the costs saved. The DPS Remote Power Switch promises substantial savings in several areas:
    • Reduced Operational Costs:
      The savings from eliminating frequent truck rolls to remote sites cannot be understated. The costs associated with prolonged network downtimes - like lost transactions or diminished customer trust - are decreased.
    • Energy Efficiency:
      Your business can witness a notable reduction in energy bills by optimizing power consumption. The RPS ensures that power is well distributed, avoiding wastage.
    • Equipment Longevity:
      Devices efficiently managed and protected from power anomalies tend to have a longer operational life. This translates to reduced capital expenditure on device replacements or repairs.
  5. Enhancing Brand Reputation and Customer Trust
    In today's digital age, customers expect seamless service. Any disruption, especially those stemming from avoidable power issues, can tarnish a brand's reputation. By ensuring consistent network uptime, the DPS Remote Power Switch indirectly bolsters a brand's image, increasing customer loyalty and trust.
  6. Scalability for Future Growth
    As a business expands, network needs evolve. The DPS Remote Power Switch is designed to scale with these needs. Its versatile design ensures that as you add more devices or sites to your network, the RPS remains a reliable power management tool. This means your business won't incur additional costs for new solutions as it grows.

ROI Realized

The ROI of the DPS Remote Power Switch manifests in myriad ways: tangible cost savings, enhanced brand reputation, reduced resource allocation for minor issues, and the peace of mind of knowing that the network is under the watchful eyes of a robust power management tool.

The DPS Remote Power Switch is more than just a device - it's a strategic investment. As your business navigates the complexities of the modern digital landscape, tools like the DPS Remote Power Switch become indispensable, promising operational excellence and a definitive edge over competitors. The initial investment is rapidly overshadowed by the manifold returns it offers, making it a must-have for businesses aiming for sustainable growth and unwavering reliability.

Elevate Your Network Power Management Today

Don't let outdated power management systems hamper your business's growth. The power to reboot, manage, and optimize your network lies within your grasp. Reach out to the dedicated sales team at DPS Telecom and harness the true potential of remote power control solutions. Let's craft a resilient, efficient, and future-ready network together.

Haley Zeigler

Haley Zeigler

Haley is a Technical Marketing Writer at DPS Telecom. She works closely alongside the Sales and Marketing teams, as well as DPS engineers, resulting in a broad understanding of DPS products, clients, and the network monitoring industry.