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SNMP Monitoring Buyer's Guide

SNMP monitoring is one of the most popular ways to monitor and manage your remote assets and infrastructure. Let's pick apart this standard protocol and many of the best practices that have grown up around it.

Andrew Erickson
August 27, 2022

Telemetry: Definition for Telecom, Medical, & Weather

"Telemetry" is a word with many meanings in many different industries. The term simply refers to "metrics" across long distances ("tele"), so telemetry systems can be useful in many different contexts. Let's look into what exactly telemetry is.

Andrew Erickson
August 24, 2022

FCC Tower Light Monitoring Requirements & Options

Like all tower owners, you know that the government lays out strict requirements for the monitoring of your obstruction lighting systems. Authority flows from Congress to the FCC, guided by the FAA As the FCC's media release describes: The FCC has been...

Andrew Erickson
August 21, 2022

Best 'Remote Temperature Monitoring via Internet' Devices

In 2022 and beyond, if you want to monitor temperatures at a remote location, it's never been easier to do that. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) means that even small devices can connect to the internet and send you information. What's important to remember is...

Andrew Erickson
August 2, 2022

An Alternative to Programming Logic Controllers

If you're at all involved in the SCADA world (especially if you're new), you probably spend time thinking about the time and/or expense required to program PLCs. Some companies choose to maintain in-house experts who know exactly how a PLC works and...

Andrew Erickson
August 1, 2022

How to Choose an RTU with Good ESD Protection

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is a threat to anything that contains a PCB. There are hundreds of sensitive components on every board. The challenge of choosing a good RTU is to find one that is actually reliable. Success and failure is determined by whether your RTU simply, positively refuses to ever malfunction.

Andrew Erickson
July 6, 2022

Know This Before Buying RTUs or PDUs from DPS

At a recent trade show and nearby client visits, I rediscovered much of what's important to know about DPS before you buy.

Andrew Erickson
June 9, 2022

Manufacturer Discontinued Products (MFDs) - Now What?

DPS team can design and manufacture just about anything, and as long as the unit is still running, we'll provide support for it. Let's make your monitoring dreams a reality.

Cara Doswald
May 13, 2022

How to Stop Budget Waste with Good Remote Site Monitoring

DPS is a remote monitoring manufacturer, so we deal with the remote monitoring issues on a daily basis. I'm going to give you insights from the different industries that we serve. I've even included actual quotations from real DPS clients. This information is...

Andrew Erickson
May 13, 2022

DPS Monitoring Devices Don't Trap You With Built-In Obsolescence

As a customer, I bet there's nothing you hate more than planned obsolescence. If something that could continue working is designed to stop working arbitrarily, you rightly feel cheated. That's why, at DPS, I insist on a particular method of...

Bob Berry
May 6, 2022

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