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DPS Telecom Blog

Converting SNMP Traps from APC PDUs to Relay Outputs - An Email Exchange with a New DPS Client (Part 1)

In the constantly evolving telecom world, it's not uncommon for clients to have unique requirements that demand tailored solutions. At DPS Telecom, we provide customization options to help our products more perfectly match your needs. My recent email exchange with a client is a great example of what this philosophy can do for you - no matter what you're trying to accomplish.

Andrew Erickson
August 27, 2023

Protect Critical Infrastructure with Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)

CRAC units form a critical layer of protection in any data center or computer room. As one example, the HVAC Controller from DPS Telecom is designed to maximize energy efficiency in computer systems. It gives you the ability to remotely control your cooling settings.

Haley Zeigler
August 18, 2023

Plan Your Remote Site Monitoring With These 5 Steps

Remote site monitoring to keep telecom systems online is more important than ever. How do you ensure that you select the ideal Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) and/or central master station for your requirements? Let's walk through the 5 steps you need to follow to make the best possible purchase decision.

Andrew Erickson
August 14, 2023

Choosing RTUs and Central Master Stations for 2023

Alarm monitoring technology has been a bit of an "unsung hero" in the telecom world for decades now. Acting as the watchful eyes and ears, these technologies ensure that your network operations run smoothly 7x24x365. What recent changes necessitate improvements in our approach to remote site monitoring?

Andrew Erickson
August 9, 2023

Advance Your Legacy Telecom Equipment into the Modern Era

When you work with telecom infrastructure, you'll get an inevitable encounter with the age-old dilemma: What do you do when your legacy equipment starts to show its age? At DPS, we've been grappling with this challenge for decades. It's your opportunity that only looks like a problem.

Andrew Erickson
August 8, 2023

SNMP Monitoring in a Data Center Monitoring Context

SNMP is used by network administrators to monitor various aspects of their networks. This includes access points, bandwidth usage, and the performance of monitored devices. Learn how you can leverage SNMP, particularly for data center monitoring.

Andrew Erickson
July 29, 2023

Why Buy From DPS? A Comparative Analysis vs Other Telecom Equipment Manufacturers

When you're researching the purchase of telecom equipment, you have a lot to think about. The decisions you'll make for your organization are hugely significant for the next 10-15 years, at least. They can also affect your personal career progress.

Andrew Erickson
July 29, 2023

Case Study - T/Mon in an IT to OT Network Cutover

My day began early when I arrived at the client's HQ at 9:30 am. Our goal was a security-driven network cutover, shifting their T/Mon remote monitoring servers from the current IT network to a more secure OT network. The benefits of such a move were obvious.

Andrew Erickson
July 10, 2023

Remote Site Monitoring Alarm Code Glossary - Part III

Today, we're going to look at additional alarm codes you may encounter as you work with remote site monitoring equipment. Understanding alarm codes, which are often confusing acronyms, is a crucial aspect of remote site monitoring.

Andrew Erickson
July 2, 2023

Using SNMP Monitoring for Effective Fault Management

In the world of network management, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is the most commonly used protocol for, you guessed it, network management. What is SNMP? What can it do for you? How can you use it successfully for fault management? Let's get started.

Andrew Erickson
July 1, 2023

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