DPS HVAC Controller

Remotely interface to your HVAC Units.

Extend their life and improve their efficiency.

Let in depth analytics show you where you can save money.

Get notified when there's a problem.

Free comprehensive support for life.

HVAC Reflection

Stop Wasting Money.

Skip the complicated logging and analysis and get a smart controller. A smart controller remotely and efficiently controls your HVAC systems to run at an optimal level - even automatically making adjustments as necessary. Using a series of preset thresholds, smart controllers will control lead/lag operations and log HVAC run times. A good smart controller will come with analytic tools and testing procedures built into the interface.

With a smart controller, such as the HVAC Controller G3 from DPS Telecom, you no longer have to analyze HVAC efforts yourself. The HVAC Controller will do it all for you.

HVAC Interface

Simple and Powerful Web Interface.

Get a robust and easy to use web interface that will allow you to edit settings, view logs, and get an overview of your environmentals over the web.

HVAC Cycles

Longer HVAC Service Life.

Using a lead-lag management system combined with optimizations for longer cooling and heating cycles will save on replacements, repairs, and energy costs.

Cost Per Degree

Request Cost-per-Degree Statistics.

Every degree you cool below or heat above ambient takes exponentially more energy, which makes every degree a fairly large investment. We'll give you all the information you need to pick the perfect temperature that will save you the most money.


Get Insulation Analysis.

Especially in hotter climates, insulation plays a massive role iIn your electricity bill. With an HVAC Controller equipped with a few temperature sensors, you can calculate exactly how well your site's insulation stacks up, and find out if it might be worth replacing.

Email Notifications

Email And Text Notifications.

Never get caught in a situation where your HVACs have stopped and you know nothing about it. Easily configure email and text notifications straight from the web interface.

Free Support

Free Comprehensive Support For Life.

As long as we're in the office, feel free to call us for ANY kind of help. Our tech support staff are the same engineers who designed it and are ready to answer anything.

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