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DPS Telecom Provides Support and Upgrade Options for Other Manufacturers' Network Alarm Monitoring Equipment

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Fresno, California - Responding to clients' need for an upgrade path for legacy network monitoring equipment, DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry announced today that his company will provide
support and upgrade options for any other manufacturer's network alarm collection devices.

"Network managers are looking for ways to move to modern network alarm management capabilities. DPS Telecom will provide these clients with a cost-effective bridge from their legacy
monitoring system to the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System," said Berry.

"Companies with aging legacy gear face some stark choices. Either they stick with their aging, possibly failing, monitoring system or they pay for a budget-destroying system-wide
replacement," said Berry. "DPS Telecom support for unsupported legacy remotes will give users a gradual upgrade path that will preserve both their capital expenditure and operational budgets."

DPS Telecom's support and upgrade offer will benefit to thousands of companies nationwide in the telecommunications and utilities industries who are dependent on legacy equipment for monitoring their communications networks.

The support includes:

1. Polling of the client's existing alarm collection devices by DPS Telecom's advanced T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System

2. A controlled migration plan for gradually replacing the client's legacy alarm collection devices with DPS Telecom units

3. Protocol mediation from legacy protocols to SNMP and TL1

4. Consolidation of multiple legacy systems to a single alarm management platform administered through T/Mon NOC

5. Options for updating to LAN-based data transport for remote telemetry

DPS Telecom clients will not be charged NRE fees for any custom engineering required to create a support solution. Legacy support is covered by DPS Telecom's standard guarantee that all products, including custom-design solutions, are backed by a 30-day, no-risk guarantee.

"If we can't support your existing system, you don't pay for anything," said Berry. "DPS Telecom is the only company in the industry that can provide this service and back it with a no-risk guarantee,"

Berry said that DPS Telecom can make this offer because of the company's existing support for multiple proprietary
protocols and experience in rapid development of custom engineering projects.

"In the past year alone, we have developed support solutions for Larse 1200 series, Badger 1200 series and NEC 21SV alarm collection devices," said Berry. "The average turn-around time from our initial consultation with the client to
delivering a finished product has been 60 days."

DPS Telecom currently supports over 20 standard and proprietary protocols, including protocols for network alarm collection devices from Badger, Dantel, Granger, Larse, and Pulsecom.

More information about legacy support issues, including actual case studies of DPS Telecom clients, can be found at www.dpstelecom.com.

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