Alarm Collection Devices And Use Cases From Other Companies.

What Do You Want Your Alarm Collection Device To Do?

Monitor Different Types of Alarms.

Monitor discrete, analog, and ping alarms. Discrete alarms are usually an on/off condition similar to a binary bit being on or off. Analog alarms are continuously variable conditions much like how far the pedal in an automobile is depressed. Ping alarms is when an IP network device is pinged, sent a message, to confirm if it is operational.

Report Alarms in the Protocol of Your Choice.

Report alarms as SNMP traps, TL1, or E2A. Handle a multitude of protocols with a multiprotocol master like the T/Mon Master. One master, many protocols.

1. Report Alarms as SNMP Traps
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2. Report Alarms in TL1
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3. Report Alarms in E2A
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Control Remote Site Equipment.

Remotely access equipment at a remote site or automiatically correct problems at the remote site.

Filter Nuisance Alarms.

Filter out nuisance alarms so that serious problems are not cluttered by unimportant events.

Provide Alarm Monitoring Capacity That's Exactly Right for Your Sites.

Perfect-fit solutions designed to be exactly what you need. No fluff added and no bottlenecking of your existing system.

Link Remote Sites to Central Offices Using LAN or Dial-Up.

Connect using a dial-up or LAN connection. Use dial-up as a backup connection when the LAN connection fails.

Mediate Alarm Inputs Between Different Protocols.

TBOS to SNMP - TABS to SNMP - TBOS to TL1 - TABS to TL1.

Report Alarms Over a T1 Connection.

Gain access to remote site equipment via Ethernet and being able to send notifications viea T1 connections.

How Are Other Companies Using Alarm Collection Devices?

Headquartered in Gonzales, Louisiana, EATEL provides local phone service, long distance, Internet, paging, e-commerce, and web development services to businesses and residents throughout the Louisiana area. EATEL serves over 100,000 customers and was recently ranked as the 38th largest telephone company in America by the United States Telecom Association.

RT Communications has been providing customers with state-of-the-art telecommunications services and products since 1994. Based in Worland, Wyoming, the company maintains a subscriber base of 17,000 in 16 exchanges ...

Carrying over 4 million passengers on an average weekday, the subway system places huge demands on its internal signal, control, and communications network - which, like the trains, must run 24 hours a day, every day of the year ...

Triangle Communication System Inc. is a cooperative cable television service, in-touch long distance, ISP and cellular service provider, based out of Havre, Montana. Triangle covers 17,000 subscribers over a mostly rural geographical area of Montana from ...

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