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Texas Lone Star Networks Provides Its Member Telcos with 24/7 Monitoring Using T/MonXM

Based in Marble Falls, Texas, TLSN (Texas Lone Star Network) represents a consortium of 38 independent telephone companies and provides transport service for private networks, local carriers, long distance carriers, CLEC providers and Internet providers throughout the greater Texas area.

TLSN is a combination of telecom transport networks that offer connectivity to Texas' most congested and fastest growing regions, as well as many rural areas.

T/MonXM users
T/MonXM users: (left to right) Daniel Sullivan,
Jerry Moritz, Michael Thelen,
and Bill Russell from Texas Lone Star Network.

Because of it's customer-oriented approach and competitive price, TLSN is able to provide services for a broad range of telecommunication carriers, re-sellers, and users.

Like all transport service providers, TLSN needed fast and reliable network monitoring during peak times as well as during off hours. Bill Russell, the NOC manager for TLSN explains, "We were blind to many of the problems. Part of the charter TLSN has with it's customers is that it will provide monitoring and surveillance on a 24-7 basis."

Many times, TLSN was forced to wait until a portion of the network had failed before it knew anything was wrong. Even then, if a problem occurred and the appropriate personnel were notified, there was no quick response time because the root cause of the problem could not be determined.

“The information T/MonXM gives us allows us to pinpoint with greater accuracy where the actual failure is.”

In response to this, TLSN implemented DPS' master station T/MonXM into it's network monitoring system. Bill explains, "The DPS system was an answer to that charter. It provides proactive surveillance and monitoring, whereas before, we were reactive to problems in our network." T/MonXM provides centralized alarm management, alarm filtration, alternate path data interrogation, multiple pager methods, and a host of other powerful features. Bill comments, "The information T/MonXM gives us allows us to pinpoint with greater accuracy where the actual failure is."

In addition to the T/MonXM workstation, Texas Lone Star Network uses the popular NetGuardian as part of their comprehensive monitoring solution. When asked about working with T/MonXM, Bill replied "It's easy to learn and easy to expand. Also, during the custom install, Johnny [a DPS field installation professional] was great. He was a #1 and he made us feel confident that the unit would work in all the ways we had hoped."