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"65x Faster: New T/Mon SQL History Reporting..."

Learn more about high-speed T/Mon history reports...

It's that same pesky alarm you see all the time. You need to find the source of the problem. You know there must be a common reason for the alarm events, but nothing stands out. What you need is a way to go back in time and study the history of the alarm point and solve the puzzle.

T/Mon history reports are the answer. They allow you to track trends and determine problem areas in your network. By running a history report for suspected trouble spots, you can improve your maintenance schedules and equipment replacement plans.

Now, T/Mon can leverage the database architecture of SQL to build valuable history reports at breakneck speed -as much as 65x faster than native T/Mon reporting!

history agent
Now, you can use the T/Mon History Agent OR Your Own SQL query tool to generate reports from your SQL database.

This high-speed report process begins with SQL history logging. With the T/Mon SQL software module installed, T/Mon logs history events to an external MySQL database.

The history data that T/Mon stores can include:

  • When Alarms fail and/or clear.
  • When pages are sent.
  • When you enter and exit Monitor mode.
  • When you initialize the system.
  • When Control Points are issued.
  • When you exit the system.

Because history data is being logged externally, T/Mon's 1 million event limit does not apply. Your storage potential is virtually unlimited. This allows for long-term trend analysis that was never possible before.

When you run your first history report from a MySQL database, you'll notice a dramatic speed boost. A 1400 page report that used to take 30 minutes will be done in less than 3 minutes. A history report covering a single alarm point over a long time period used to take about 11 minutes. Now it's done in 10 seconds.

This tremendous speed makes it quick and easy to confirm your hunches. You'll gain insight into the alarm dynamics of your system in a way that just wasn't practical before.

Not only are single reports much faster, but you can also run multiple reports concurrently. When you get the SQL history reporting option, you receive an application that is licensed to run on as many PC's as you want. Multiple users can run their own reports for whatever data they want, and they'll never have to wait for other reports to finish running.

The history report interface allows you to select information by point data, site data, type of alarm data, and time domains. You'll be able to effectively analyze your data from various perspectives.

Do you have high-speed access to all of your historical alarm data? This kind of information access will help you diagnose recurring alarm events, but you need T/Mon SQL history reporting to get it.

Contact a DPS Sales Representative at 1-800-693-0351 to learn more about T/Mon SQL now.

SQL history reporting requires the T/Mon History Agent & Software Module.