T/Mon SQL Software Module

T/Mon SQL Agent Application
Centralized Alarm Data History Reports: Integrate multiple T/Mon alarm data history files into a single advanced SQL database.

What can you do with T/Mon SQL?

T/Mon SQL Agent Application
T/Mon SQL Agent: Windows-based and easy to use - transports all your historical alarm data to a centralized database.

How does the T/Mon SQL work for you?

With T/Mon SQL you can access historical alarm data from multiple T/Mon's from a single SQL database.* This centralized database will allow you to access the SQL database from any number of ODBC compliant tools.

T/Mon forwards live alarm data to the T/Mon SQL Agent, which will store the data into your SQL database. A single instance of the T/Mon SQL Agent can support multiple T/Mons from a single system.** The number of T/Mons the T/Mon SQL Agent can host simultaneously varies, depending on the processing power of your system.

Storing the historical alarm data in a centralized database, T/Mon SQL will eliminate the need to connect directly to a T/Mon for running history reports. Instead, you can connect to a secure SQL database and retrieve your historical alarm data using reporting tools to generate customized reports. User privilege levels for the SQL database can be configured independent of the T/Mon.

The Windows-based T/Mon SQL Agent can store millions of history events in a single SQL database. Allowing you to create reports for trending, so you'll be better equipped to diagnose reoccurring alarm events - saving you time and money. You can directly access your SQL database using OCBD compliant languages such as ASP or PHP to create Web-based charts and other visual reports. You can access the SQL database with any ODBC compliant tool like Microsoft Access or Excel

T/Mon SQL is the simple solution to integrating historical alarm data into a single, easy to access, industry standard database.

* Currently T/Mon SQL Agent only supports the MySQL server. MySQL server installation required - see www.mysql.com for details.

** Multiple T/Mon instances support requires installation of separate T/Mon SQL software modules on each T/Mon.

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