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CC Communications Achieves Network Reliability with T/Mon

CC Communications is deeply rooted in the history of Churchill County, Nevada. Since 1889, they have been serving Churchill County, first as the local telegraph company, then as the local telephone company, and today as a full-service state-of-the-art telecommunications provider.

"I really believe in the DPS program: the way you guys take care of your clients and the way your units take care of our networks..."

CC Communications Toll Technician James Granger
James Granger
Toll Technician
CC Communications

CC Communications has used DPS Telecom monitoring equipment since they first recognized their need for network visibility. Toll Technician James Granger has found consistent, positive results with the service at DPS.

"I really believe in the DPS program: the way you guys take care of your clients and the way your units take care of our networks," Granger said during a DPS Factory Training Event. As the primary operator of their T/Mon NOC, which gathers information from remote sites across Nevada, Granger sought better alarm notifications to increase CC's overall uptime.

"Every time I come to DPS, I always leave with something new.."

24/7 Pager Notifications Help CC Techs React Fast

Prior to deploying the T/Mon, CC Communications did not have a network monitoring system. Although CC had a relatively small number of sites to monitor, inadequate network visibility was still very damaging. Without text pages sent from T/Mon, CC Communications' customers were sometimes their first notification of a problem. "Before we got the T/Mon, things were just a mystery, and the customers were telling us what wasn't working," Granger said.

T/Mon NOC Provides Notification of a Critical Fiber Failure

After installing a DPS T/Mon NOC system, however, CC Communications knows instantly when a problem occurs. T/Mon has consistently alerted Granger of problems within the network, including a recent fiber failure that severed their connection with nearby Reno.

T/Mon also allows Granger to troubleshoot network issues. "We're able to start monitoring and making a history of repeat errors, and we can self-diagnose before we even roll the truck on it," he said.

"I call DPS and, within minutes, somebody is working on my problem..."

Factory Training Covers Powerful New Features

After participating in his second Factory Training Event at DPS Headquarters, Granger was able to learn valuable new techniques for operating his T/Mon system even more effectively. "Every time I come to DPS, I always leave with something new," Granger said.

Though he had all the pieces to his network puzzle, Factory Training helped him discover some of the key benefits he never knew his updated system could provide. "Coming back to DPS, we went through all the new features," said Granger. "Even though I had done the latest software update, I was unaware of what the new features could do for me. Coming to training was a big help."

"Awesome" Tech Support Keeps Everything Running Smoothly

In addition to regular system enhancements, Granger is consistently impressed by the knowledgeable, timely service he has received from DPS over the years. "The T/Mon itself is an excellent unit," he said. "If there are any problems, I call DPS, and within minutes somebody is working on my problem. The support from DPS is just awesome."

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