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Kuwait National Petroleum Company Protects Oil-Refining Operations with T/Mon...

Mr. Ravipati Seetaramaiah - KNPC Engineer
Ravipati Seetaramaiah
KNPC Engineer

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) is one of the largest refineries in the world, responsible for providing critical oil refining and gas liquefaction services. They are a major distributor of petroleum products all over the world and in Kuwait. Proper functioning of the Communication Systems is vital for the smooth functioning of the refinery operations.

"Normally the power doesn't fail here. It was an unmanned station, the power failed and all the batteries were drained completely."

Ravipati Seetaramaiah, a KNPC engineer, made the journey from Kuwait to DPS Headquarters in Fresno, CA to attend a DPS Factory Training Event. During his week of training, Seetaramaiah learned about network monitoring strategies and equipment to enable KNPC to protect its critical telecom operations and assets.

An Avoidable System Collapse Highlights the Value of Advanced Monitoring...
KNPC was compelled to seek out a network monitoring system after a rectifier failure at one of KNPC's remote sites. "Normally the power doesn't fail here. It was an unmanned station, the power failed and all the batteries were drained completely. We didn't know that." Although this was a manageable power failure, telecom staff had no way of knowing about the problem. After several hours, they found out the hard way.

"The training, company culture and the people - everything was excellent."

As he searched the Internet for potential solutions, Seetaramaiah used the DPS Telecom website and ezine to develop the specifications of KNPC's ideal network monitoring system. "I looked at the website and the technical ezine articles and was really impressed," he said of his first experiences with the DPS website and The Protocol ezine.

Factory Training Provides the Knowledge Needed to Evaluate Monitoring Options...
Seetaramaiah's research brought him and his colleagues to DPS headquarters in Fresno, CA to train directly with DPS engineers and technicians while developing a custom-fit monitoring solution for KNPC.

After the completion of his training, KNPC Telecom Staff chose to spend some extra time learning about the features of DPS monitoring equipment. This extra time not only provided them with a solid technical base, but also strengthened his relationship with the Fresno office. "The training, work culture and the people, everything was excellent," Seetaramaiah said.

A Monitoring System that Meets the Exact Needs of the Network...
To monitor their nine remote sites, KNPC deployed a dual-redundant system configuration of T/Mon SLIMs. By deploying redundant masters, KNPC has a backup in the event they ever encounter a hardware failure.

KNPC also deployed nine NetGuardian 832A RTUs at their remote sites to collect alarms from important telecom equipment. At sites where additional alarm capacity was needed, KNPC also installed 48-point digital expansion units and 16 port analog expansion units.

Various types of alarms are monitored for the Telecom and Network equipment. Rectifiers are monitored for AC supply failure, DC Voltages, breaker failure, system fault etc. For network servers and switches Ping alarm monitoring is used. The call out feature through pager/mobile lets KNPC know about the problems instantly. KNPC engineers monitor the alarms, battery voltages and environmental parameters from their desktop just by browsing the NOC site.

Future Plans for Even Better Monitoring...
KNPC expects to broaden its relationship with DPS as their network expands and their monitoring needs grow. Seetaramaiah hopes to someday complement their new system by installing video monitoring equipment.

He was particularly impressed with the idea of using DPS SiteCAM video monitoring equipment to enhance KNPC's repair and maintenance operations. By installing surveillance cameras at their remote sites, operators at the KNPC central office can see their on-site technicians and offer them specific instructions, accelerating repairs and minimizing downtime.

Seetaramaiah foresees that DPS play a key role in network reliability management at KNPC. "We are looking forward to increased association with DPS, and to expanding our equipment," said Seetaramaiah. "We expect everything to go smoothly for us."

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