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Badger Replacement:
Upgrade Your Aging Master and Forward Alarms to Your Harris NetBoss...

Advanced Monitoring System
Replace Your Badger master Station With an Advanced Monitoring System...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This Badger master replacement features a T/Mon SLIM Master Station, preloaded with a Badger Interrogator and SNMP Forwarding software to ease right into your current setup. Your existing Badger master station will be replaced by the -48VDC powered DPS Telecom master station - The T/Mon SLIM. The T/Mon SLIM will have the ability to receive alarms over the existing FSK channel. We can provide a FSK to RS232 converter that will provide the hardware interface to the T/Mon SLIM.

The existing Badger master alarm database will be converted over to the T/Mon SLIM before shipment. This will allow for a smoother integration to save you a considerable amount of time. When an alarm occurs in the Badger RTUs, the T/Mon SLIM will be able to notify local technicians, forward alarms to the Harris NetBoss or both. The SNMP Agent Software module will give the T/Mon Master Station the ability to convert incoming alarms to SNMP and ultimately send the alarms via SNMP to your Harris NetBoss. This software module supports traps as well as query and control commands. In order to directly poll your Badgers, you'll use the Badger Software Interrogation module. We also included a database conversion utility, which will allow your existing Badger 481 database to be substantially transferred to the T/Mon SLIM saving considerable time & errors.

The connectorized RS232 to FSK converter will Bi-directionally convert RS232 to a FSK frequency. It comes equipped with a 4-8khz Modem which run at 1200 baud. The unit is 1 RU and is rack-mountable in 19 or 23 inch shelves. Local visibility will be seen from the front panel activity LEDs.

The HTTPS Security Software Modules allows you to access the T/Mon over the Internet via an encrypted connection. It utilizes a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, enabling protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks. The HTTPS software module will allow secure web access to the T/Mon Master Station over the Internet. The HTTPS encrypts the session data using a version of the SSL protocol thus ensuring reasonable protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks.