Replace Badger 2000

Badger 2000
In the diagram above, the Badger 2000 master station has been replaced by a T/Mon SLIM polling the existing badger RTUs.
Equipment Used:
  • T/Mon SLIM (replaces Badger 2000 master)
  • Existing Badger equipment (RTUs)
  • WhatsUp Gold SNMP manager

How This Application Works:

We have prepared this state-of-the-art monitoring platform to replace your Badger 2000.

There are two main pieces of hardware associated with this proposal. The first is the T/Mon SLIM, which acts as the alarm Master Station. The second is the Interface Converter, which converts the RS232 output of the T/Mon SLIM the appropriate Badger Interface, at both the electrical and protocol levels. We included the correct Software Modules to support the Badger Protocol, as well as Database Conversion, Installation and Turn-Up and Assistance.

This monitoring solution is designed to give you immediate relief from your current Badger monitoring situation, as well as, creating several new monitoring possibilities that could be executed later. These options include:

  • Replacing Badger RTUs with contemporary NetGuardian SNMP remotes.
  • Upgrading the T/Mon SLIM to an SNMP Mediator, so it could take the alarms that you collect and forward them to WhatsUp Gold (or another SNMP manager of your choice).
  • Using a trade-in credit to convert the T/Mon SLIM into a full T/Mon Master.

We're confident DPS Telecom will be an excellent partner for you on this project, particularly because we offer you a 30 Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee, a long-term client relationship commitment, and 24-hour emergency technical support.

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