Use this Floor Plan View in T/Mon GFX to Reduce Human Error

Floor Plan
You can handle many different monitoring tasks, all from icons displayed on your own custom floorplans.

There's no doubt that zoomable maps in T/GFX software make your job easier. Let's face it: Your network visibility gets a whole lot better when you can see alarms on geographic maps. With that said, customizable floor plans take your monitoring to the next level.

Intuitive floor plans, which are fully supported by the T/Mon GFX monitoring platform, make site management a snap. By clicking icons on a customized T/GFX floor plan, you can handle many different monitoring tasks from one place. You'll simply upload a standard image file for the floor plans you want to use, then place icons in the appropriate place to create a bird's eye view of your telecom site, server room/closet, or other important building.

From a T/GFX floor plan view, you can:

Floor plans can reduce the chance of human error
Having access to everything in one place can dramatically reduce the chance of human error. When your operators only have to look at one monitoring screen - and that screen is an intuitive floor plan they can instantly understand - the chance of missing an alarm or performing the wrong action goes way down.

To see all of T/Mon's monitoring screen options, including customizable floor plans, visit the T/Mon screens page.

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