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A solution to your legacy problem - How to monitor Harris Scan (Farscan)

Harris FarScan (Harris Scan) is a network monitoring interface. It allows staff and techs to view in real-time what is happening at their remote sites throughout their networks. Harris Scan found its way into regular use with many different applications across several industries. It was intended to be used with Harris RTUs and microwave communications gear. This gear operated using the Harris Scan protocol. As time passed, so did the support for the related gear.

Later, Harris Scan products were bought by Aviat Networks. Support remained for a time, but no new developments had been made. Many companies migrated to newer gear from their legacy gear. With monitoring standards moving away from proprietary interfaces, Aviat stopped support for these applications even though many companies still use their gear and programs.

Without a source of information, updates, tech support, or replacement parts, many of these user companies began to face increasing problems when it came to maintaining network visibility. Instead of overhauling their monitoring solutions at a hefty price tag, a lot of these organizations chose to live with what they had. Or, they hack something together to maintain some form of protection.

Harris Scan RTUs and FarScan interface are still a viable solution for many people. But, maintaining compatibility with their protocols is becoming difficult. One modern solution that is viable is the multi-protocol T/Mon master station.

For more information about Harris FarScan, Scan Protocol, and Legacy gear support, simply send DPS an online request using the form at the bottom of this page.