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Receive and Acknowledge Alarms via Pager or Cell Phone with DTMF

SNMPc SNMP Manager Monitoring NetGuardian Remotes
SNMPc SNMP Manager Monitoring NetGuardian Remotes

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This solution features a DTMF On-Call Box for use with the T/Mon NOC master station. It will allow you to acknowledge or silence alarms from the field, using any touch-tone or cell phone.

As easy and familiar as a voice voice-mail system, the DTMF/Voice Interface uses recorded voice prompts to guide you through a menu of options, and you just select your choice by pressing a phone button. The T/Mon NOC will keep track of who acknowledges the alarms over the phone. Use it to acknowledge or tag alarms from anywhere - from your truck over your cell phone, or from your house over a landline - automatically halting alarm escalation pages to you or your supervisor. If you have after-hours on-call techs, the DTMF/Voice Interface lets you easily track technicians and repairs. Security is built-in - a unique ID identifies every tech that acknowledges an alarm.

The hardware portion of the DTMF / voice interface takes form as a -48 V, 1RU unit. The hardware is rack mountable on either 19" or 23" racks. Local visibility can be seen with the status LED's in the front. This unit will permit your T/Mon NOC to receive DTMF commands from a touch-tone phone. It supports local vocabulary and voice to prompt user for commands. It will be used with the DTMF On-Call software module we've also included in this package. It will use the RS232 to interface with your T/Mon SLIM. This hardware package comes standard with a 6 ft cable as well as a phone line cable.

The On Call DTMF Software Module will work with the DTMF unit. It is a T/Mon Software Module that supports multiple DTMF / Voice interface units. This software package will allow concurrent access by multiple on call personnel to respond to alarms reported via alpha pager (detailed message) using standard DTMF keys on Standard or Cellular phones. Users with appropriate security levels may: Acknowledge the alarm, acknowledge the entire site or TAG (silence) the alarm. Total Concurrent users are limited by the number of DTMF / Voice interface units (one user per unit).