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How a Magnetic Door Lock Turns Your Door into a Wall

For those with a fully-equipped building access control system, a properly secured door is a necessary piece of equipment. You have keypad and proximity card units to ensure only the people allowed access are utilizing entry/exit points. You have electronic strike plates that ensure a door will remain locked when not in use. You also have motion sensors and push-to-exit buttons. There are many devices that are available to help promote site security. But all can still be overcome with a little finesse in the way of a strong individual with a crowbar.

Normal deadbolt locks and various other security measures can be utilized. Unfortunately, not much can be done in other cases. How do you prevent unwanted entry if the would-be intruder happened to not care about property damage and was carrying the right tools?

To solve this, experts have incorporated electromagnets into their site security systems. These offer superior security versus deadbolts and door strikes. With a magnet holding the door close, there's no lock to pick or pry open. The magnet provides more than a thousand pounds of holding force to keep the door closed.

Magnets are powered by a small electrical current that is supplied by the Building Access System. These locking mechanisms effectively create a solid wall out of what was initially a movable door. This continues until they are told that the person on the other side is granted access. At the push of a button, or the signal from the Entry Control Unit, the magnetic bond is turned off. It remains off until the door position is reset. With holding strengths in excess of a half-ton*, these units prevent would-be intruders from opening the door. No matter how strong they think they may be, your door will be stronger.

Are you are thinking of increasing the capabilities of your BAS? Are you still in the planning stages for installing a security solution? Magnetic door locks may be worth further consideration. You need to determine if these units are suitable for your needs. Get in contact with an expert today. Call 1-800-693-0351.

*1,200-pound test rating is based off of the unit described here:

Building Security Devices.